Hardy Faces Felony; ‘Got In Bed’ With Daughter?

More details are emerging from today’s arrest of L.A. Kings assistant coach Mark Hardy. The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports the misdemeanor sexual assault charge reportedly levied by Hardy’s 21-year-old daughter has been upgraded to a felony.

Mark Hardy Accused Of Sex Crime By Daughter

He was taken into custody overnight at the Mayflower Hotel. Police said the complaint came from a woman in her 20s who claimed to be a relative of Hardy’s.

The woman said she and Hardy and several other people went to a bar to drink. They walked back to hotel, and she said she went into the bathroom to change into a T-shirt and shorts to go to bed. At some point, she says he got in bed with her, and she woke up.

Hardy is set to be arraigned Friday unless he posts bail. Read more…

Daughter Accuses NHL Asst. Coach Of Sex Crime

KABC in Los Angeles reports Friday that Los Angeles Kings assistant coach Mark Hardy, “has been arrested in Washington, D.C., for misdemeanor sexual abuse.”

Mark Hardy Accused Of Sex Crime By Daughter

Eyewitness News has confirmed Hardy was taken into custody overnight at the Mayflower Hotel. Police said the complaint came from a woman in her 20s who claimed to be a relative of Hardy’s.

Hardy is set to be arraigned Friday unless he posts bail.

TMZ.com has more details on the alleged incident. Read more…

KU Football, B-Ball Players Brawl In Campus Clash

• Rock Chalk Jayh…POW! Fights break out between football and basketball players for the University of Kansas - and some claim that a couple of n-bombs were dropped.

Jayhawks Milling About Smartly

• An Iowa inmate gets let out of jail for the day so he can go see the Red Sox play the Royals in person.

• Two Costa Rican paparazzi are suing Tom Brady for being shot at during his wedding to Gisele. Brady’s reaction? “I go no reaction to that one.”

• Flummoxed by your fantasy football failings? ESPN is offering to help the old-fashioned way - with a toll-free phone number.

• When it comes to NCAA sanctions, the BCS schools often get lighter sentences than their non-BCS brethren.

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LA Kings Hire Own “Independent” Beat Reporter?

Look, we don’t know a damned thing about newspaperin’ and Internettin’ and putting words together. We’re just yokels, the lot of us, trying to scrape on by day by day. But even we know what “independent” means, and it’s not this.

Ice Queen Brooke
(Gratuitous? Buddy, literally
everything on Internet is gratuitous.)

The Los Angeles Kings, a hockey team that apparently still exists (Really, they’re still there! This is a great way to win a bar bet with an unsuspecting friend, who probably thinks that the Kings folded due to lack of interest sometime around 1996), is looking to increase the level of coverage their team gets. So while the dailies in Los Angeles probably don’t much care for sending someone on the road to follow a hockey club, the team itself - of course - has no qualms.

But they’re also saying the coverage is going to be independent, which… come on.

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Memorial: AEG, Jackos Blackmail LA, City To Sue?

Having lived in Los Angeles for going on 10 years, I can tell you that the people who inhabit this place are the epitome of laissez-faire. For example, we have the worst traffic congestion of any city on earth, yet the citizenry never forces elected leaders to do a damn thing about it. In our recent, sham election for mayor, guess how many times the issue of traffic, our #1 problem in this town, came up?

Jacko Nicholson Courtside At Lakers Game

(I helped pick up the tab for Jacko’s $4M Courtside Seat)

You got it. Zero.

Combine that with L.A.’s obscene obsession with celebrity and you get what we have today: A taxpayer-funded extravaganza for a dubious dead celeb that will reportedly be solely used as a promotional tool for his family and local power broker AEG to launch a massive tribute show or three in London - which could use the elaborate staging at O2 arena that was to be reserved for you-know-who. *Memorial* my a$$.

Celebrity Sighting At Jackson Memorial: Gayby

(Early celeb sighting at Jacko Memorial: Gayby!)

Meanwhile, 2,000(!) LAPD officers will today work the world’s most morbid concert kickoff promotion ever, with most receiving overtime pay. The cost of that staggering, needless show of force? $4 million big ones. As an Angeleno who will help kick in that kitty, I would’ve at least expected a dead Jacko discount coupon at my local Wienerschnitzel.

So why is L.A. outlaying that kind of cash from a city fund that is normally reserved for emergencies like wildfires, earthquakes and of course, riots? Key members of the City Council have quite obviously been bought off by AEG (wanna get re-elected, babo?), which is the largest land developer in downtown L.A. an landlord to the L.A. Lakers and owner of the Los Angeles Kings.

Jacko MacAuley Culkin Tattoo

(Soon to add: “In Loving Memory”)

AEG also happened to be the corporate monolith that was producing Jackson’s 50 shows in a row in London. And will now reportedly cash in on the subsequent Jackson tribute show(s) in London.

There is though, one significant soul who is protesting L.A. taxpayers getting soaked for $4M so Tito, Jermaine and Marlon can skip the layaway on their next pillowtop purchase. Read more…

Michael Jackson Could Hurt The LA Kings - Really!

When Michael Jackson died suddenly yesterday afternoon, media outlets the world over pored through their archives to find a unique angle on the pop icon’s death. Most of Jacko’s connections to real-world areas of interest like cars and sports were of the bizarre, whimsical variety (like his head-scratching speech to English soccer team Exeter FC). I mean, let’s face it, the guy was a human trainwreck, and we’re all gawking.

Michael Jordan & Michael Jackson


But there’s one ongoing Michael Jackson storyline that could make some very serious waves in the world of sports. Anschutz Entertainment Group, the world’s largest owner of sports teams and venues (including the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings, the MLS’ Houston Dynamo and Los Angeles Galaxy, English soccer team Newscastle United, and stadia like the Staples Center), was also the company producing and bankrolling Jackson’s 50-concert “comeback tour.” Now, with no Jacko and no tour, AEG faces a whopping $500 million dollar insurance liability and over $85 million in ticket refunds. Sports fans -prepare to bend over and solve AEG’s problems for them.

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LA Kings Owner Promotes $24B In New CA Taxes!

Unless you aren’t living here in California, you don’t know that our State Assembly and Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, recently crammed the largest one-year state tax increase in U.S. history down the throats of us unsuspecting Golden State folk. An astonishing $12 billion dollar increase on top of what we already pay. Sales tax in my state is now 11%. Yep, YOU READ THAT RIGHT, 11 PERCENT. *reaches for lube*

Tim Leiweke Arnold Schwarzenegger Ready To Break Out The Lube On Taxpayers

(Taxpayer lube to fund Leiweke (l) future LA Kings free agent signings?)

Life has never been tougher for Californians, but thankfully we have our wonderful sports teams to make life here a little more bearable. Teams like the NHL Los Angeles Kings, the Lakers, the Clippers and the Golden State Warriors.

Oh, wait. Read more…

Feds Charge Owner Who Sold Gretzky With Fraud

You might remember Bruce McNall, the “billionaire” who brought Wayne Gretzky to the Los Angeles Kings from Edmonton and later drove the team into bankruptcy and went to jail for almost five years after admitting to defrauding six banks out of almost $250 million. But what about Peter Pocklington, the Oilers owner who traded Gretzky?

Peter Pocklington and Wayne Gretzky

(Peter Pocklington eyes dollar signs in the distance after selling Gretzky.)

Well, he’s no longer the Oilers owner, and he’s left Canada, and not because of the hate Canadians feel towards him for trading Gretzky. As THE GLOBE AND MAIL details, he fled to the U.S. to escape a series of bad business deals and angry investors seeking blood. Now the CBC says that he’s been arrested at his home in Palm Springs and charged with bankruptcy fraud.

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Saturday Los Angeles Kings Tickets For Only $5!

My Boy Barry is running a special promotion for this Saturday’s Los Angeles Kings-St. Louis Blues affair at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Barry has seats for as low as $5 to the game! Tickets are going very fast, so this promotion is first come, first serve.

Hayden at Los Angeles Kings game

(Hayden, no joke, they’re really $5)

Tickets to Saturday’s game can be purchased directly by calling 800-990-8499 or email shane@barrystickets.com. There are no additional discounts for this offer.

The game starts at 7:30pm and all tickets ordered can be picked up at the Barry’s Tickets Office across the street from Staples Center before the game starts. (1020 S Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90015)

Sarah Palin Must Have Some Money On The Kings

If you listen to a certain half of the country, Sarah Palin is a menace and must be stopped. Well, she’s already claimed her first victim: St. Louis Blues goalie Manny Legace.

Manny Legace

(Down goes Legace!)

The Vice Presidential Nominee was in St. Louis last night to drop the puck for the Blues-Kings game. Yes, another puck drop. We get it, she’s a hockey mom. If this were the WWE, they’d have dropped that gimmick by now and made her a zombie or something.

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