So The Red Sox Had Some Adventures In Umpiring

As you can see in the photo below, the standard for being called out on your way to first base has changed a bit. Now, apparently, not only must you tag the runner, but you must also tackle him before he reaches the base and tie his feet, rodeo style. At least if the umpire is C.B. Bucknor.

Kevin Youkilis tag

Red Sox Nation is a little miffed this morning over a couple of blown calls by Bucknor, who not only inexplicably missed this tag by Kevin Youkilis, but botched another call at first in the sixth. And within minutes of the conclusion of the Angels’ 5-0 win in Game 1, the assault on Bucknor’s Wikipedia page had begun. Fun! Read more…

Baseball Beat Writers: Relevant, Or Just Fossils?

So it’s August, the Dodgers are embroiled in a hot division race, and rumors are floating that the team is about to sign a couple of players for the stretch run. Mark Gonzales of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE is among those who break the news that Jim Thome and Jon Garland are headed to LA.

So how did Dodgers players hear about their new teammates? Moments after the deal was struck, the young sons of CNN broadcaster Larry King shouted the news into their dugout during their game with the Diamondbacks. “We got Thome and Garland!” shouted one youngster to an incredulous Matt Kemp. “We just read it on Twitter!” And so it goes in the new information age: The Dodgers had no hope of controlling this message. It was out there in the ether, seconds after it happened.

Ten-year-olds new that Garland was a Dodger before even Garland did. By the time the story on the LOS ANGELES TIMES web site went up, and certainly by the time newspapers were delivered the next morning, it was already old news. Read more…