Camby On Trade to Clips ‘Lowest Point of My Life’

After spending the last six seasons in the cold of Denver, you’d think Marcus Camby would be overjoyed at the idea of moving to sunny Southern California as a member of the Los Angeles Clippers. You’d think, but according to the BOSTON GLOBE who caught up with the former UMass star, you’d be wrong.

Marcus Camby

Camby who was dealt to the Clips on July 16th in exchange for a second round pick in the 2010 draft says, “With everything I’ve been dealing with off the court, this is the lowest point of my life.” Ouch! Sure, the Clippers are considered by many to be the worst franchise in all of sports, but they just added Baron Davis and more importantly you’ll be living in Hollywood.

I don’t know if Marcus is aware of this, but they shoot American Idol in Hollywood and all those kids say “It’s a dream come true,” when they get picked to go to Los Angeles. Why you so down on the Clippers, Camby? Read more…

Cross-Dressing Boxer Went All The Way Last Night

Almost one year ago to the day, Oscar De La Hoya lost a split-decision against undefeated champ and WrestleMania alumnus Floyd Mayweather. But before there would be any rematch, the Golden Boy would have to get past Steve Forbes.

Oscar de la Hoya

Forbes, a seasoned fighter who lost the final match in season two of The Contender, had never been knocked down, and would not roll over to De La Hoya like the sellout crowd in Carson, CA had expected. Read more…

Los Angeles Could Be Host City For 2009 NFL Draft

The NFL’s contract with Radio City Music Hall has expired, and the league is courting suitors to host the draft, starting next year.

Roger Goodell NFL Draft

One of the early frontrunners is LA, despite, you know, not having a team or anything. Read more…

An L.A. NFL Stadium! No, This Time We Mean It!

Here’s how you know the latest attempt by billionaire (and minority owner in the Lakers and Kings) Ed Roski to lure an NFL team to Los Angeles by building a stadium for existing teams to skip off to is serious: there’s a Web site! With a fancy video like Madden ‘08! (The video for the new Cowboys stadium is better, which is why theirs is already being built.)

(H/T: YOUBEENBLINDED for the video)

No, that’s not it… you know he’s serious this time because “(Roski) controls the land necessary to build the stadium, training facilities and related development; and he already has a certified environmental impact report for the site.” Look, Ma! An environmental impact report! You can practically smell the fondue cart in the concourse from here!

No, that’s not it, either… ah, here it is. You know Ed Roski is serious about building an NFL stadium because he’s asked City of Industry, CA, to fork over $820 million in property taxes for the project. Now it’s on.

Read more…

Former NBA Player Rider Arrested for Auto Theft

Isaiah Rider, a former NBA player, was arrested for investigation of auto theft in Los Angeles Saturday after failing to stop at an intersection at 2:30 am. Upon inspection by officers, the license plates were found to belong to a car reported stolen from South Los Angeles. As of Saturday night, Rider, 37 is being held on $25,000 bail.

Isaiah Rider

He has been arrested four times since 2006, including three since last January. Charges have included cocaine possession, evading an officer, illegal possession of a firearm, grand theft, disobeying a court order, and providing false information to a peace officer.
Read more…

SI Has Been Full Of Shockers For Some Time Now

We’re back in L.A. this week. Yes, we’re excited to be home, but our spirits were further raised during our first, senseless, late night trip to 7-Eleven. The store featured a giant, shiny cardboard display of a topless Marisa Miller on the cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED - right next to the door as you walk out (with hands firmly in pockets).

Arizona State Shocker Fans

(Looks like a transfer to Wichita State may be in order)

And while we were in line waiting to pay for our Slurpee, we were treated to Tommy Lasorda, in an ad over the PA, telling us to where he gets his transmission serviced (no, not Jumbo’s Clown Room - Aamco).

Speaking of, so about the photo. Read more…

Everything Ya Need To Know About UCLA Football

Michael David Smith of PRO FOOTBALL TALK has a nugget from the NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN which sums up the acumen of football *fans* north of Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles.

Vince Young UCLA football

Vince Young, who is back in school at Texas (we’re sure his mom had nothing to do with that) , on how he has been received by classmates: “The kids, they’re shocked. One day I walk into class to a standing ovation and my teacher — she’s from UCLA — she was like ‘What’s going on?’ I guess she thought the applause was for her … The kids have been giving me a lot of love. Some kids are like, ‘Why are you back? You’ve got all this money.’ That’s not what I’m shooting for. I want to get my degree.

Having lived in Lipstick City for eight years, that reax is right-on when it comes to UCLAers. Why do you think Dan Guerrero had no choice but to hire a two-time loser as head football coach?

ESPN Moves Into New Los Angeles Broadcast Facilities

NOW’S KILBORN’S CHANCE TO SLINK BACK INTO BUILDING: The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports today that ESPN will be moving into a five story building in downtown Los Angeles in 2009. An obligatory ESPN Zone will pollute the area (across from Staples Center) on the first two floors, and there will be broadcast facilities above that.

L.A. Live Staples Center

ESPN plans to host the late SportsCenters from L.A., along with pizza delivery until 3 a.m. to surrounding sports fans. (Ok, we made the pizza thing up, but it would be cool to have Scott Van Pelt deliver some extra Papa John’s garlic sauce.)Now the question is, who gets to escape Bristol for the smoggy, crimed climes of downtown Los Angeles? ESPN’s George Bodenheimer said, “We’ll be moving some of our highest-potential folks out here.

In other words, pretty much anyone single and under the age of 40 will be going west.

Bodenheimer also reports that because of the move to SoCal, there will be many more opportunities for ESPN original entertainment productions. So that already has us lighting candles for a “Tilt 2″:

ESPN Hollywood

We’re also holding out hope for a reprise of Mario Lopez’s critically-acclaimed “ESPN Hollywood“!

ESPN Radio In Los Angeles Gets Major Overhaul

MAJOR OVERHAUL OF ESPN RADIO’S LIPSTICK CITY LINEUP: Tom Hoffarth of the L.A. DAILY NEWS reports today on major changes at ESPN Radio 710 (KSPN) in Los Angeles. Gone are hosts John Ireland (afternoons with Steve Mason) and Kevin Kiley (middays). Hoffarth laid out the new local lineup today:

John Ireland Steve Mason

1-4 p.m.: “The Steve Mason Show“4-7 p.m.: “The Dave Dameshek Show

7-10 p.m.: “The Brian Long Show

Exciting, eh? Well we do like Steve Mason and that should be a good listen. All the shows will be apparently buttressed with lots of celebrity contributors, some on a regular basis.

KSPN obviously wasn’t happy with the ratings of Mason and Ireland - and Kiley in the middays - but will Mason middays and Dameshek in the afternoon be a huge improve? We’re guessing no. We hope we’re wrong.