Gary Carter Could Use Mr. Met Hug After Shunning

Gary Carter, Expo Hall-of-Famer and world champion Metropolitan, misses the Mets organization so much that he can’t stop asking for a job there, usually while someone else holds the position.  He also can’t stop quacking on the topic of the day, which is why he’s the manager of the Long Island Ducks of the Atlantic League.

Gary Carter

Heck, Mets fans, he’ll even volunteer to catch a baseball thrown by another ex-baseball player in a ceremonial fashion if you’d just let him.  For free!  He’s a giver.  So why didn’t the Mets invite him to do so when they closed Shea or schedule him to open Citi Field?  That’s all Gary Carter wants to know.

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Offerman Attacks Player with Bat After Hit by Pitch

OFFERMAN BAT CONTROL TO FIND HOME IN (PRISON) YARD: The CONNECTICUT POST has the blow-by-blow details of former 15-year MLB player Jose Offerman attacking pitcher Matt Beech with a bat last night in an independent Atlantic League game at Bridgeport, CT.

Jose Offerman

The former two-time MLB all-star began the game by homering off Beech’s first pitch of the game (between Offerman’s Long Island Ducks and Beech’s Bridgeport Bluefish). In the second inning, Beech plunked Offerman in the left calf with what Bluefish manager Tommy John called a “cut fastball“.

Offerman immediately charged the mound after the HBP, swinging at Beech “two or three times” with his bat and subsequently breaking the pitcher’s left middle finger. The Bluefish catcher, John Nathans, was also struck in the back of the head in the fracas. Both were taken to a local hospital for further examination.

Bridgeport Bluefish

After the fight, which lasted nearly 20 minutes, Bridgeport police converged on Offerman and reportedly charged him “with second-degree assault” and ordered a $10,000 bond. Bluefish CEO Mary-Jane Foster told the Post that after the incident she called the league office and demanded that Offerman be banned from the league for life.

OK, so what’s the punishment then?