Cor, Blimey! NFL To Bring Super Bowl To London?

In its never-ending quest to spread the global fame of its fair sport, the National Football League is thinking about moving the Super Bowl overseas.

London Fletcher

(London Fletcher soon won’t be the only London in the NFL)

The BBC reports that NFL officials have had “substantial talks” with officials from the city of London about bringing the Big Game to the land of bangers & mash. Since the last couple of regular season games have done so well in Wembley Stadium, the league & London seem serious about holding a Super Bowl across the pond:

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Saints Take Down Chargers In London Showdown

After last year’s dreadful exhibition of football between the eventual Super Bowl champion Giants and the then-hapless Dolphins, London was understandably a bit underwhelmed at the idea of another NFL game coming to town this season.

London NFL

But the Wembley crowd was treated to a thrilling game as the Saints beat the Chargers 37-32. It was almost as if the two teams were committed to putting on the best show they could, as the teams were hucking the ball downfield with reckless abandon all game. Phil Rivers threw for 341 yards, but an ill-advised throw into triple coverage with just over a minute left sealed the Chargers’ fate. The game also featured the huge dumbassery of Eric Weddle, who got an “excessive demonstration” penalty after intercepting Drew Brees in the fourth quarter, then had his pick overturned by replay (he didn’t have control of the ball when he landed). But the penalty, of course, still stood. Hope it was worth it, dude.

Miami 25, Buffalo 16. The Bills stumbled in Miami and now find themselves in a tie with the Patriots for first place in the AFC East. The Dolphins scored the last 18 points in the game after falling behind 16-7 in the third quarter. The Bills lost three fumbles in the fourth quarter, and another fumble by Trent Edwards was recovered by the Bills in the end zone for a safety.

Washington 25, Detroit 17.  The dream of a winless season is still alive for the Lions. They actually had a 10-3 lead in this game and were right in it until Santana Moss returned a punt 80 yards in the fourth quarter to put the Redskins up 22-10. Jason Campbell was 23 of 28 for 328 yards for the ‘Skins.

New England 23, St. Louis 16. The Rams were driving late for a potential game-tying touchdown, but Deltha O’Neal intercepted Marc Bulger inside the Patriots’ 30 to preserv the win. How much did the Rams hate Scott Linehan? Ever since they dumped him, they’ve played pretty solid football, and perhaps a healthy Steven Jackson may have made the difference for them today.

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Blimey! NFL Heading Back To Britain Next Season

The National Football League had such a smashing time in England this year, that they’re coming back to put on another jolly good show.

The Clash London Calling

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that the NFL will be playing another regular season game in Great Britain next season. Over 80,000 fans filled Wembley Stadium last October to watch the Giants squeeze out a win over the Dolphins in muckety conditions.

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Streaker Excites Otherwise Dull Giants-Dolphins Game in London

BRIT IN THE BUFF WOWS WEMBLEY WITH SUDDEN SHOW: With their 8th straight loss, the Miami Dolphins are in the middle of an ugly streak. So, it’s bad enough the team had to endure another one in London:

POPJOCKS lets it all hang out, as video evidence confirms a British bloke in the buff bouncing around at midfield during Sunday’s NFL international extravaganza.Wearing nothing but a hat and a strategically-placed football, the buffoon in the birthday suit managed to entertain the Wembley crowd for a few seconds. However, security soon scampered off the silly sans-clothing spectator.

It’s hard to tell what was more stomach-churning to watch - this guy’s on-field aerobics, or the rest of the game.

Miami Dolphins Linebacker Learns They Speak English In London

FINS LB LEARNS HE CAN LEAVE HIS PHRASEBOOKS @ HOME: A Dolphins player worried about the team’s trip to London can put his fears to rest - they do speak English there:

Channing Crowder Big Ben Clock

The PALM BEACH POST translates news that LB Channing Crowder confessed he didn’t know what to expect when the ‘Fins took off for across the pond: “I swear to God. I don’t know what nothing is.”

The only London that Crowder knows anything about plays with the Redskins:

I know London Fletcher. We did a football camp together. So I know him. That’s the closest thing I know to London. He’s black, so I’m sure he’s not from London. I’m sure that’s a coincidental name.”

But if the NFL decides to schedule an upcoming game in Rome, Channing is ready:

I know Italy looks like a boot. I learned that.”