This Car Is Serious Horsey Racing Business, Folks

Look, we can all agree that horse safety is a big deal, and surely anybody who isn’t a sick bastard/future serial killer wants to see issues like the Barbaro situation or the Eight Belles on-track euthanization fiasco. Thus, then, all steps forward in terms of monitoring training are good things, yes? Yes.

(Oh my God, they turned a horse into Darth Vader’s head.)

So while we laugh (oh, how we laugh) at the above picture, rest assured that we only laugh because we care here, as this monstrosity is actually designed to help horse owners train their horses without overexerting them and leaving them at greater risk of injury. This is a positive development, and now here is where we indulge our childish sense of humor, start referring to horses as “horseys,” and show you what else this all looks like to us.

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