Metrodome Sex Gal Claims to Have Been Drugged

Lois Feldman, the unwitting star of the Metrodome sex scandal, says she may have been slipped a mickey before making bathroom whoopee.

Lois Feldman Photo Sex Metrodome Bathroom Stall With Ross Walsh Photo

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Photos Finally Furnished of Metrodome Sex Stars?

• We might finally have some faces to place on that amusing Metrodome bathroom stall sexcapade.

Lois Feldman Ross Walsh Metrodome sex couple

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Lois Feldman Pic Surfaces After Metrodome Sex?

Update: SECOND apparent photo of Feldman has appeared. And she now says she was drugged before her anonymous sex episode.

The website HAWKEYE LOUNGE posted this photo two days ago, which a poster claimed is Lois Feldman:

Lois Feldman Photo Sex Metrodome Bathroom Stall With Ross Walsh Photo

We can’t verify the veracity of the photo, but if it is indeed her, she’s surprisingly attractive. In a Sarah Palin sort of way. Case you don’t know by know, Ms. Feldman is the married woman who apparently had sex in a Metrodome bathroom with someone she “didn’t know” during the recent Iowa-Minnesota football game.

So what about the accused cuckolder? Ross Walsh? I know, you’re really excited to see photos of him (ok, maybe not).
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Woman Charged In Stall Sex ‘Didn’t Know’ Partner

UPDATE: Photos of the couple here.

The DES MOINES REGISTER (via the MINNY TRIBUNE), has an unintentionally amusing interview the Iowa woman caught having sex in a Metrodome bathroom stall during the recent Minnesota-Iowa football game.

Dirty ADA restroom sign

Lois Feldman, who was fired today from her job as an adminstrator at an assisted living center, says the incident has, “ruined my life.”

All the more amazing when you consider Feldman claims she had no idea who she had sex with. Read more…