Brett The Goat Inspires A Nation, Mulls Film Offers

I know that Monday’s touching, true story about the rescue of Brett the Goat pulled at your heartstrings, and possibly reaffirmed your belief that people are, basically, good. Or made you hungry for goat. Well we now have an update on the whereabouts of the goat, which was pulled from a car trunk by auto repair mechanics in Winona, Minnesota on Friday and became an instant livestock celebrity.

Brett the goat

Someone had painted the goat purple and shaved a No. 4 in its fur; a response by Green Bay fans to Brett Favre’s defection to the hated Vikings. Packers fans seem to have a lot of time on their hands, don’t they? I barely have time to get to the dry cleaners on a typical weekday, let alone paint a goat. But where, you are now wondering, did Brett the Goat end up? Prepare for a happy ending in a Babe the Pig or E.T. kind of way.

(Video of the goat’s ordeal is after the jump.)

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Rescued Goat Gets Hero’s Welcome In Minnesota

If there’s any truth at all to a certain Chicago Cubs curse involving livestock, the Green Bay Packers may have bought themselves a whole lot of trouble. We take you now to Tires Plus in Winona, MN, where mechanics working on a car heard strange cries coming from the trunk.

So they open it, and inside is a goat, tied at the feet, painted purple, with a No. 4 shaved into its hair. This in not an everyday occurrence, even in Winona. So the shop owner calls animal control. And how could hilarity not ensue? Read more…