Truism: Just One Day with Ladies… Isn’t Enough!

I hope you enjoyed today’s liveblog of the NFL draft with the Ladies… and other assorted characters. What? You didn’t join us? What is wrong with you?

Well, you can make up for that mistake by spending tomorrow with us. We will once again liveblog the rest of the draft - the day without the agonizing pictures of Chad Henne and Brian Brohm, no Roger Goodell, and a reduced Boomer presence.

Sunday, we promise to bring you an ongoing conversation of what Mel Kiper hides in his hair (secrets?), discussion of why the wide receivers all went at once, and compare and contrast of the NFL Network and the worldwide leader.

Sunday’s liveblog kicks off at 9:30 Eastern. Join us!

Drafting with the Ladies…

We, the ladies of Ladies… are excited to be spending NFL Draft Weekend with you. To get started, we will take a look at draft day essentials.

(Quinn or Russell, indeed.)

This is a long weekend - sixteen hours of listening to middle-aged men fawn over men in their young twenties. Can you handle it, Mr. or Ms. Football Fan? What about you, Mr. General Manager? (Unfortunately, only Mr. as of right now. One day…) Are you ready for the stresses of picking players for your team, not to mention, picking the appropriate snacks for your war room? Worry not, friends. The Ladies are here to help you through the draft weekend. Read more…