SbB Liveblog: Detroit at Philadelphia - Game 4

Schadenfreude Alert! Detroit in Philly for Game 4

The last time we heard from them, the Detroit Pistons were surprising the NBA world by losing to the (previously) lowly Philadelphia 76ers. It was assumed that the Sixers game one win was an abberation, but after a twenty point victory on their home court, suddenly Philadelphia is looking a lot scarier. And not in the usual battery-throwing Philadelphia way.

Join me tonight at 7pm EST for the SbB evening liveblog to see if the Pistons can dig themselves out of their 2-1 hole. If not, at least Detroit fans can be happy that Matt Millen didn’t draft another receiver in the first round.

SbB Liveblog: Chicago White Sox vs. NY Yankees

SbB Live Blog: NY Mets at Philadelphia Phillies

There’s going to be naughty words and bad blood in this game because Philly’s feeling beaten down by injuries, haven’t been able to win in this series thus far, and still feel aggrieved by a bit of questionable officiating on April 11th:

Jose Reyes is a magician

(New York even has to get in on the safe-or-out craze)

So we’ll save the vitriol for game time and open with something far more festive: crazy obsessed people we now like.

This fellow, brought to us by BUGS AND CRANKS, has mastered all of the batting stances of the heroes of his youth, mostly Cardinals in our minds. Remember when you did that as a kid? Mimicked your heroes’ swing down to the smallest twitch? This guy never stopped. 35 years old, married with children: still breaking out the old impressions.

We’re pretty sure we’re insanely jealous.
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The Livest Blog: Dallas at New Orleans - Game 1

The Skinny on the Hornets:  They used to be in Charlotte, then they moved to New Orleans.  New Orleans got decimated by that one storm, so then they had to hang out in Oklahoma City for a while (paving the way for the Sonics move).  Somewhere along the line they got really good at basketball this year.  No one is quite sure how that happened.

maverick and hornet

The Skinny on the Mavericks:  For years, the Mavs were a laughing stock but Mark Cuban decided to become eccentric and purchase an NBA team.  After that the Mavericks became really fun and really good.  Then they hired Avery Johnson and became a great team but they’ve also became tedious and boring.  After last year’s embarrassment at the hands of the Golden State Warriors, they’ve looked lost this year.  But now, they’re ready to rock and roll.  Metaphorically.

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SbB @ Final Four: UCLA-UM Live Blog (1st Half)

Memphis - UCLA

Welcome to the First Annual Sports by Brooks Final Four Liveblog Marathon and Fish Fry! I’ll be your Fry Guy, Tuffy. Please take a plate, move through the buffet line, and have a seat where you’re comfortable. I’ll be by later to take your drink orders, though we only have orange drink.

Brooks himself, the owner of this here establishment, is on site at the game in San Antonio. We’ll be receiving updates from him during the contests tonight. For example, you can see here that the Final Four is apparently being held at Tomorrowland.

San Antonio Alamodome

(Look, Ma! A flying machine!)

I will be stationed in the Tuffy Bunker with enough pale ale to knock even Manu Ginobli down. You know how tough that can be.
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