Live Brog: Brooks At Red Sox-Angels In Anaheim

I’m coming to you live from inside and outside Angels Stadium tonight, with a Live Brog of ALDS Game 1 between the Red Sox and the Angels (we’ll just leave off the whole ridiculous L.A. thing, if you don’t mind).

Brooks with SbB Girls at Angels Stadium

(The fateful night St. Peters screwed me out of that dratted six-team parlay)

I’m hoping to take some interesting pics from outside the stadium and inside the Anaheim Hooter Girls breakroom the ballpark during the game. The in-game stuff (photos, commentary) can be problematic depending on cell reception, but SbB Managing Editor Jason Kaifesh who is pissed about losing a night off will be cheerfully overseeing the entire operation and have some snappy commentary and photo/video fun regardless. And you’re welcome to join in on the post thread anytime.

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So I’m all set to fumble hand the baton to the honorable Mr. Kaifesh, and get this show on the road. Start refreshing just before the game starts at 10p ET.

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Live Brog: Brooks @ Angels-Bosox Game Tonight

Tonight I’ll slip behind the Orange Curtin and have a Live Brog on SbB from inside and outside Angels Stadium - as the Halos host the Red Sox in Game 1 of the ALDS. (How this series is only five games, I have no idea.)

SbB Girls at Angels Stadium with Angels fans

(No fellas, they still won’t touch your (Rally) monkeys)

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