Social Networking For Aspiring Soccer Hooligans

This story from the SUNDERLAND ECHO really reads like satire, but apparently it’s true. A new website called “Little Hooliganz” has been launched, and the Echo reports the site, “was described in promotion material issued this week as a ‘new social networking game where players are encouraged to join a gang that supports Sunderland AFC and beat up other teams’ supporters to win points’.

Little Hooliganz

Yeah, sounds a little to good to be true. But apparently the site exists and already boasts over 24,000 “members.”

Those users can, “buy virtual weapons such as Samurai swords and knuckle- dusters; beat up fans of other clubs, including Newcastle; steal cash to buy booze; and even attack pensioners to become the ‘best’ football hooligan.

Wow, pretty sick stuff. Sounds a little like a blueprint for someone looking to build a Phillies fan web destination. Read more…