Cuban Will Count His Money And See You In Hell

The great thing about Mark Cuban is that the fun doesn’t end when the NBA season does. A great philosopher — I think it was Spider-Man — once said that with great power comes great responsibility. Also plenty of litigation, apparently. Cuban no sooner extricated himself from one legal entanglement on Friday, than he got caught up in another.

Mark Cuban

And this time, Cuban is being sued by a company owned by H. Ross Perot, Jr., son of former Presidential candidate and noted screwball H. Ross Perot. Which is always fun. Cuban is accused of diverting millions of dollars from the Mavericks’ arena, American Airlines Center, to make up for team financial shortfalls. Read more…

Seattle Fans, Sonics Squaring Off In Federal Court

So battle lines have been drawn for some time in this battle between Sonics fans in Seattle and team management. It’s somewhat similar to when you break up with a girl and she’s all, “Please don’t leave!” And you’re all, “Too bad!” And then she steals your car keys and dangles them out the bedroom window. Somewhat.

Sonics logo Oklahoma graffiti

Now, it seems that both sides will be playing their own version of 5-on-5…in court. Read more…

NASCAR Can’t Outrun $225M Harassment Lawsuit

Mauricia Grant, an African-American female, filed a $225 million suit against NASCAR based on multiple counts of sexual harassment and discrimination before she was fired last October. In other news, an African-American woman worked for NASCAR?


The knee-jerk reaction to the suit conjures up the lyrics to the old Dukes of Hazard theme. Just some good ol’ boys, and so forth. But the pending litigation shows just how far the Southern-based racing league has been pushed into a big-city spotlight.

Read more…

Parents Of Paralyzed Kid Pitcher Suing Bat Co.

The parents of a 14-year-old New Jersey boy who was paralyzed by a line drive to the chest are suing the maker of the bat used in the hit.

Paralyzed Baseball Teenager

They’re also suing the store that sold the bat, as well as Little League Baseball. Read more…

Pete Carroll Could Be Witness In Reggie Bush Trial

USC Trojans head coach Pete Carroll and running backs coach Todd McNair will “most likely” be called as witnesses in the ongoing Reggie Bush civil suit.

Reggie Bush USC money

The suit is being brought about by a would-be agent who claimed to have given the former USC running back $300,000 in cash and gifts. No word on whether those gifts included a white Ford Bronco or poorly-fitting gloves. Read more…