Because One Jason Elam Novel Just Isn’t Enough

I’m sure you all remember the first time you read Atlanta Falcons kicker Jason Elam’s special ops soldier/linebacker novel Monday Night Jihad. You know, the one in which protagonist Riley Covington leaves his pro football career behind to fight an evil terrorist plot with his former buddies in a special ops unit and saves the United States from certain doom. Oh, and he manages to teach us all a little something about Jesus and understanding along the way. Yeah, that one. Luminaries such as Tony Dungy told us that the book “made me examine not only my thoughts about football but also caused me to look at how I view life and people around me.” I hear that, my friend.

The only problem with Monday Night Jihad was that it ended. As soon as Riley Covington had saved our country and our souls, he was ripped right from our lives, and we found a little piece of ourselves missing with him. Well, fellow Covingtonians, our savior has returned to us.

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