Brog: Erin Andrews’ How-To On ‘Caress Me Down’

Interesting photo (with my goofy inset) of Erin Andrews I hadn’t seen before:

Erin Andrews Kung Fu Grip

(‘Should’ve never told Tebow the interview was uncut and uncensored. Nuts!’)

Nice to see The Grip™ is back! And of course, The Grip™ takes on a whole different meaning depending on the context.

BTW, leave your own caption in the comment thread if you please.

From the I’m-Not-Making-This-Up-Dept.: SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports that Stats LLC today unveiled “a joint venture with Naveen Aranha, CEO of India-based Sportz Interactive, to create Stats Middle East.

The operation will be headquartered in Dubai, and the move continues a marked global expansion for the sports data provider that last year opened a European operation and also has made significant inroads into India, China and Japan.

STATS Middle East? That no doubt means President Bush is soon to be confirmed as the only man on the planet with a lower save percentage than Joe Borowski.

As you know, we’ve quite the homeless problem here on the westside of Los Angeles.

Kim Kardashian Blocks Out The Sun

And then there’s the bums.

Oh man, DEADSPIN’s A.J. Daulerio today has a deconstructive dissertation that unloads on Rick Reilly - much like Rick Majerus after unscrambling Cinemax at the local La Quinta. Read more…

Brog: Sweet Scent Of SoBe Officially Gone Sour

OK, I’m officially ready to move from SoBe back to Los Angeles. Living down here in the wintertime has been an absolute revelation, but as summer looms over South Florida, I’m ready to escape.

South Beach Stage Shows Featuring Optical Illusions From Behind

(What I’ll miss: Cheesy SoBe stage shows - with requisite optical illusion)

Besides the weather (hurricane season is here, yay!), South Beach is now officially a ghost town. In the winter and spring months, walks down Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road Mall yield mostly well-monied European tourists, Kate-Mossed models (nice, tight, drug bodies) and tastefully-implanted South American prostitutes honeys. Just like the Venice Boardwalk! (OK, maybe not)

And the best part of SoBe? The unending supply of high season hotties hangin’ all over the latest, shriveled-up Max Mosley in their life. It’s truly an inspiring vision that I wish I could share with all of you snow shovelers in Southeastern Ohio (Gallipolis!).

Sadly, all that is now gone, replaced by the now-more-noticeable homeless (and accompanying urine scent wafting over my morning eggs at News Cafe).

Like you, I knew all of this was going to happen. So I’m not upset, I still love South Florida and plan to come back next winter. Hopefully then I will, unlike T.O., experience my first Bang Bros. sighting.

Hooters Bike On South Beach's Ocean Drive

(What I’ll miss: $35K bike on SoBe’s Ocean Drive highlighted by Hooters logo)

So I’m now off to clear out my crappy flat with a detonated Daisy Cutter, shoehorn the remains into my car and journey down Alligator Alley (forget that boring drive through Orlando).

I won’t be making that trip for 2-3 weeks, but I will be back in Abbot Kinney-land early next week, for a shoot with a new SbB Girl. The shoot was originally set for South Florida, but I’m going to relocate it to Lipstick City.

Say what you will about SoCal’s smog (yes, that Gulden Mustard-colored, gaseous material you notice hovering over Culver City when you fly in is S-M-O-G) and overcrowding, the opportunities to produce spectacular photos with natural light is far superior to Miami. Not to mention SoCal’s beaches present many more options for sick piccies, as opposed to the featureless SoBe strand (though the water quality is far superior).

Sobe Street Scene Serves As Appetite Suppressant

(What I’ll miss: Sobe Street Scene Serves As Appetite Suppressant)

Oh yeah, I also have two separate invites in hand to parties at the Playboy Mansion later this month, so that might have something to do with my being suddenly moved-to-move. Read more…

Best Idea Eva: Beach Bars With Outdoor Showers

I’m posting today from South Beach, and as you can see, the post-Spring Break scene is still very much off-the-hook.

SbB On South Beach

OK, maybe not, but the pink bikini gives us hope.

I’m flying to L.A. later today, in part to shoot a new SbB Girl (I know, you’re shocked). Lest you think the SbB Girls area of the site is languishing, we’ve got plans for the SbB Girls coming this summer and fall. New trips, new girls and some of your favorite, current SbB Girls.

Speaking of girls, larger shot of the pink bikini after the jump. Read more…

Are Fat, Drunk Raptors Fans Really Worth Saving?

So DEADSPIN’s Will Leitch is in Lipstick City tonight to promote his new book, “God Save The Fan.” Ironically, we’re mired in Miami and won’t be back until Sunday, else we’d have gone to witness the proceedings at Book Soup in WeHo. Or at the very least hit the afterparty at Big Wangs (and scour Amoeba while drunk).

God Save The Fan

From everything we’ve heard and read about the book, it slays.

Tim Hammer of LAIST has an extensive interview with Leitch today that is definitely worth a read. And stay in your seat until the end, you don’t want to miss the Bill-Simmons-felt-insulted finale.