Florida’s Other Lingerie FB Team Also Has Tryouts

On Tuesday, we reported on the tryouts for the Miami Caliente, one of the upstart teams of the new Lingerie Football League. In the interest of fair reporting and journalistic integrity, we really should also take a look at the Sunshine State’s other lingerie football franchise, the Tampa Breeze.

Tampa Breeze lingerie football

(Now this is a team we can get behind)

TAMPA BAY ONLINE hikes along news that over 100 women showed up outside the St. Pete Times Forum on Tuesday to try and wrangle a roster spot onto the Tampa team. And we have some action shots of the gridiron goings-on after the jump.

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Lingerie Football Heats Up w/Miami Team Tryouts

Sure, we’re right in the middle of some exciting NBA & NHL playoff action, and the MLB season is well underway. But we’re still a few months before the start of the sport many American truly live & die for: Lingerie football! Yes, pigskin in panties! Gridiron in garters! Blocking schemes in bras!

Miami Caliente lingerie football

The Lingerie Football League season doesn’t kick off until September, but like their brethren in the NFL, the ladies of the LFL still need the summer months to get themselves into football shape. (No, not into the shape of footballs. That would be silly - and defeat the whole purpose of lingerie football).

We previously covered (or uncovered) the progress of some of the new LFL franchises, like the Denver Dream, the Seattle Mist, and the Tampa Breeze - or more specifically, Tampa Breeze players Melissa Berry & Reby Sky. And now we take a peek at South Florida’s entry into the lingerie league - the Miami Caliente.

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Lingerie Bowl Player Sues Over Nude Cell Photos

Melissa Berry’s career had just taken off. Once merely a run-of-the-mill stripper at Tampa’s Thee Dollhouse, she’d just landed a coveted position on the Tampa Breeze, one of the entries of the soon-defunct soon-to-launch Lingerie Football League.

Melissa Berry Nude Photos Lingerie Football Model

Then she met “healthy dating and sexual assault” expert Mark Dawson.

The 25-year-old Berry started dating the 45-year-old Dawson, who based on his apparent career as relationship expert probably seemed a safe bet at the time.

Melissa Berry

Yeah, and so did the stock market 3 months ago. (More photos of Ms. Berry after the jump.) Read more…