Jenna Jameson To Enjoy MMA-Made Motherhood

Jenna Jameson happily announces that she’ll soon deliver a new li’l Tito (or Titoette) Ortiz into the world.

Jenna Jameson blowing kiss

(DVD obsolescence would be good for her adolescent)

• Did Tony La Russa stop Bruce Springstreen from stepping on the St. Louis stage on time?

• The FBI is looking into Lindsey Hunter’s involvement in some shady suburban housing shenanigans.

• NBC notes nothing about a gold medal-winning Aussie diver’s alternative lifestyle.

• The LPGA demands that all their players learn to speak English good.

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FBI Investigating Pistons’ Hunter in Housing Scam

Lindsey Hunter has been playing in the NBA for 16 years now, and at the age of 37, he knows that his professional career will soon be coming to an end. So it’s only logical that he would start looking for ways to keep making money in his retirement, and as a lot of people are doing with their money these days, he’s investing it in real estate.

Lindsey Hunter

Sure, the market is down now, but you have to figure things will take a turn for the better eventually, and a smart investor can turn a very nice profit. Or if that doesn’t work, you can always find some working stiff from a nearby suburb and convince him to buy a $1.25 million house he can’t afford. That’s what Hunter did recently, and now he’s under investigation by the FBI.

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