Red Sox Owner Replaces Team VP With New Wife

When Red Sox owner John Henry, 59, married 30-year-old Linda Pizzuti in July, it seemed like your standard old-rich-guy-lands-hot-young-wife situation. No, it wasn’t exactly a Anna Nicole Smith situation but let’s be honest - if Henry weren’t made of cash, he probably wouldn’t have landed a hot young wife. We should all be so lucky…and so rich.

Linda Pizzuti

Red Sox fans might have gotten a bit of a kick out of their team’s owner landing a hottie, but they were probably unprepared for what’s happening to the happy couple now. Not content to just lavish his bride with gifts and his undying love, Henry has now installed her as the team’s vice president for planning and development. Rachel Phelps thinks it’s a questionable move.

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Red Sox Owner Getting A Big Head; New Wife, Too

You’re allowed to be a little self-centered on your wedding day — it is your wedding day, after all. But the owner of the Red Sox, who got hitched this weekend at Fenway Park, crossed that fine line from egocentricity to megalomania.

John Henry Linda Pizzuti Bobbleheads

(Is it daddy-daughter bobblehead night? Oh.)

John Henry and his blushing bride handed out as a gift framed photos of the happy couple posed in front of the Green Monster and the World Series trophies, which would have been fine had it ended there. But as you can see from the photo, it didn’t end there.

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Red Sox Owner, 59, Ready To Marry 30-Year-Old

Oh, to be rich, moderately attractive and the owner of one of the most successful franchises in sports. Take Boston Red Sox owner John Henry, for example. Less than a year after his divorce from his second wife Peggy, the 59-year-old Henry is ready to give the whole wedding thing a try for the third time. The BOSTON HERALD says that Henry popped the question to his girlfriend Linda Pizzuti and they have a June wedding planned.

Linda Pizzuti and John Henry

I should point this out: his attractive, successful 30-year-old girlfriend. They met in June at a posh local lounge and have been inseparable ever since. According to the BOSTON GLOBE, they traveled to Paris over the 2008 All-Star break (even owners don’t watch the All-Star Game), where she was introduced to the insanity of Red Sox Nation, as Henry was deluged with autograph seekers. At the Louvre.

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