WWE CEO Linda McMahon For Senate? Oh, Good

9 times out of 10, politics is a thoroughly insufferable exhibition of pandering, falsehoods, and carefully staged appearances designed to minimize any tests of critical thinking or knowledge. Always smile, always believe in America, say things like “strong,” then spend the GDP of Africa on ads. Rinse, repeat, try to keep from regurgitating dinner.

Vince and Linda McMahon
(I remember the days when spousal abuse was a deal-breaker for getting into Congress. I guess Republicans don’t care about domestic violence. /politicaltotalbullcrap’d)

But every now and then, you get a candidate who’s well-known and cut his chops on speaking in front of a camera years ago. Someone with a background in wrestling. Someone like… Al Franken! Believe it or not, he was a high school and college wrestler. Oh, what’s that? There was another guy from Minnesota? Oh yeah, Jesse Ventura. Okay, him too.

Now it appears that a lady from the wrestling world is about to get involved, and while - sadly - it’s not the one wrestler whose fake boob went “pop”, it is Vince McMahon’s wife Linda… and she means business.

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