Villanova Students Caught Stealing From The Linc

It is a strange but well-established fact that sports fans will collect just about any kind of memorabilia if they think it relates to a favorite team or player. When Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium was mothballed in 2004, over $700,000 worth of dirty, sticky stadium fixtures were snapped up by Phillies and Eagles fans, including such conversation pieces as urinals, sinks, and trash cans.

But what if you don’t want to wait 50 years for your team’s stadium to fall into disrepair and be replaced by a gleaming monument to consumerism and taxpayer fleecing? You could be satisfied with watching your team’s exploits on the field, you could collect memorabilia that is not an integral part of your team’s stadium, or you could do what at least 5 young enterprising Villanova University students did last night: attempt to break into Lincoln Financial Field and a steal a seat and a 5-foot metal sign.

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Veggie-Friendly Teams Play Like Vegetarian Crap

PETA doesn’t want you to have that hot dog at the game. They don’t want you to set up a grill to tailgate in the parking lot. Basically, they don’t want you to have any fun at a football game. And now to make it easier for you to not have fun, they’ve ranked the top five most vegetarian friendly NFL stadiums. And with a combined record of 25-34-1, it’s not hard to wonder if those five teams are getting enough protein.

Fat Guy Eating Burger

Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego took the top spot, for their “bean burritos, veggie sushi rolls, vegetable wraps, veggie hot dogs, and Gardenburgers.” I’m not surprised that San Diegans are watching their figures; most just use sporting events as an excuse to get a base tan. But the other ones on the list, including two perennial contenders for the fattest city in America, leave me scratching my head.

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Beer Can Jousting Fun For Fans Of Chivalry, Beer

This is kind of a tailgating post, but it’s also a post about a new sport that I think has quite the future. Ground zero for the spread of beer can jousting — do I even have to tell you? — is Philadelphia, more specifically the parking lot outside Lincoln Financial Field.

Beer Knight

(Close but not quite.)

The rules of the game are simple. Drink ten beers. Duct tape said cans together. Find equally drunk friend. Hop on his back and ride your valiant steed toward victory (Video of these mighty warriors after the jump).

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