Wait, Lincecum Smokes Pot? That’s Unpossible!

You mean to tell me that the fellow in the picture below enjoys weed? What? Because I would have guessed he spends the off season reading the Book of Mormon, or cleaning oil-infested sea fowl. But there’s word today that Tim Lincecum was pulled over by the cops last week and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Tim Lincecum

It happened on I-5 in Vancouver, Wash., (Lincecum is a native of Bellevue, Wash.) on Oct. 30, as a motorcycle trooper timed him on the radar gun (ironic) doing 74 mph in a 60 mph zone in a ‘06 Mercedes. Once Lincecum rolled down the window, the jig was up, smell-wise. He handed over a small bag of weed to the cop. Read more…