Semi-Pro Player Crushes Ref In Face With Helmet

Usually, we don’t do stories about semi-pro football unless something amazing happens. And by “amazing,” of course, we mean “awful, inhumane, and bloody,” which is precisely what we have here: a referee taking a helmet square in the face.

Semi-pro Referee smashed in face with helmet
(The good news is, he’ll be okay, so all “smashmouth football” jokes are totally in play.)

As - hang on, is this really the name of the station? Really? Fine. - as, ahem, WHAM-TV in Rochester, NY, reports, the incident came at the end of a Western New York Cougars loss, and one of the Cougars took it all much too personally. Personal enough to break every bone in referee Pete McCabe’s face and give him a hairline fracture of the skull. And is that the worst part? Oh no, of course not.

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