A-Rod’s Wife Files for Divorce, Kills Commerce

We’re something of a fanboy for Apple products, so we thought we were the bee’s knees when we talked Brooks into letting us head down early this morning to the Fifth Avenue Apple Store to interview other fanboys standing in line for Apple’s new iPhone 3G. Even though the phone doesn’t drop until the 11th, the line has already formed.

We were shocked, though, when we approached Central Park and saw a line had already extended deep into Central Park. We had heard a few hardy souls were there for the attention; we hadn’t heard anything about an invasion.

Women in line

We were also rather confused by the composition of the line. We had rather expected more of us: nerdy guys in need of sunscreen and umbrellas for safety. (Oh, and lots of bloggers; after all, who else can afford to buy an iPhone 3G but can also sit outside for a week to get one but the wealthy blogorati?)

Instead, we attempted to comprehend a line of middle-aged women as far as the eye could see in either direction as it snaked through the Park. They all had handbags, tiny dogs, or both and chatted away on their cell phones (mostly iPhones or Blackberry phones). We steeled ourselves, took out our recording equipment, and dove in to begin our interviews.
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A-Rod’s Marriage Strikes Out, Separates from Wife

Oh, Madonna, look at what your little homewrecking ways have done! After rumors surfaced that the Material Girl was macking with A-Rod, the NY DAILY NEWS reports that the Yankee slugger is separating from his wife.

Alex & Cynthia Rodriguez

A “source with knowledge of the situation” tells the D-N that the Rods have been having marital problems for the past three months, and Alex’s meddling with Madonna was the last straw for Cynthia Rodriguez.

C-Rod had already dealt with A-Rod’s infidelity withentertainer” Josyln Morse, not to mention his lack of manliness by fainting during the birth of their first daughter.

However, it may appear that Cynthia isn’t so innocent when it comes to extramarital flings. Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: Auburn Player Bitten By Police Dog

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS gets a leg up on this police dog taking a bite out of the Auburn secondary:

• 100% INJURY RATE has the poop on these crap(ping) Christmas sports figurines.• CONSTRUDA weighs in on former USC stud WR Mike Williams getting a bit bulgy.• BLOG TO via DEUCE OF DAVENPORT notes that while the Super Bowl gets Janet Jackson nipple slips, Grey Cup viewers get treated to Lenny Kravitz’s ass crevasse:

Lenny Kravitz ass crack

• BUGS & CRANKS cashes in news of the crash-and-burn Mets getting playoff bonuses.• THE BLEACHER REPORT queries which is more painful to watch - Notre Dame football or New York Knicks basketball.

Placido Domingo to Sing National Anthem For MLS Championship

PLACIDO DOMINGO TO SING NATIONAL ANTHEM AT MLS CUP: Placido Domingo is ready to hit the high notes for Major League Soccer:

David Beckham bowing Placido Domingo

The league has announced that Domingo will be singing the national anthem to help kick off the 2007 MLS Cup.Best known as one of the Three Tenors that isn’t Luciano Pavarotti, Placido will be belting out “The Star Spangled Banner” at Washington’s RFK Stadium on November 18.

For your further enjoyment, Jimmy Eat World will chew up time, as they perform for the halftime festivities. They’re scheduled to play tunes from their latest album, but we bet if you ask nicely enough, they’ll do one of their classics - whatever they are.

Lenny Kravitz Grey Cup

We’d love to party with Placido, but we might be spent after watching Lenny Kravitz get his groove on at the Grey Cup.

Lenny Kravitz to Perform at CFL Grey Cup Halftime

LENNY KRAVITZ LETTING HIS LOVE RULE AT CFL GREY CUP: When SbB broke the news that the Eagles would be the halftime band for the Super Bowl, many of our neighbors to the north must have been wondering, “But what about the entertainment for *our* Super Bowl, the Grey Cup?

Lenny Kravitz Ricky Williams CFL

Wonder no more, our Canuck compadres, as the Canadian Football League has announced that Lenny Kravitz will be highlighting the halftime festivities pour Le Coupe Grey.Mama Said that the multi-platinum artist would want to get away, would want to flyyyyyyy away to the Rogers Centre (a.k.a. Skydome) on November 25, where he’ll be singing & strumming on the 55-yard line during the 95th edition of the CFL championship.

Lenny will be following in the 3-down footsteps of other artists to rock ‘n’ rouge, such as Nelly Furtado, Shania Twain, The Black Eyed Peas and of course, Bryan Adams.

Lenny Kravitz Wayne Gretzky

We’re hoping they snag Barenaked Ladies for the 96th Cup. And if the CFL committee needs any help in selecting next year’s show-stoppers, they can always check Wayne Gretzky’s iPod to see what the Great One has going on.