Texas Steers Ohio St. Toward Another BCS Defeat

• The Longhorns help rustle up yet another BCS bust by the Buckeyes.

Colt McCoy Texas Ohio State Fiesta Bowl

• We’re happy to share the sights of San Francisco with SbB Girl Wendy.

• Ex-Cub Lee Smith saves up hope that he’ll be called to the Hall of Fame.

• Speaking of the Baby Bears, will Sam Zell FINALLY sell?

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Lee Smith Would Like To Be In The Hall Of Fame

Over the last few years there have been quite a few closers who have been elected into baseball’s Hall of Fame. In 2004 Dennis Eckersley was voted in, and he was followed by Bruce Sutter in 2006 and Goose Gossage in 2008. It’s a pretty remarkable feat for the three of them, as historically, the closer position hasn’t gotten that much love from Hall of Fame voters. Of course while all three of those guys had amazing careers and deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, there is something else they have in common.

None of them have as many career saves as Lee Smith. When Smith retired from the game, he was the all-time leader in saves with 478, and he held on to the record until Trevor Hoffman broke it in 2006. Now most people are saying that Hoffman, along with Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, is a sure thing to enter the Hall after he retires. All of which confuses Smith more and more every year as he sits around and doesn’t get elected.

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