Ohio St. Item Cited By NCAA Seen On Pawn Stars

Two pairs of Ohio State gold pants, which are charms given to Buckeye football players who beat Michigan, were featured items Monday night on a new episode of History Channel’s Pawn Stars.

Doug Worthington Gold Pants on Pawn Stars

On Dec. 23, 2010, the NCAA suspended five Buckeye football players for five games during the 2011 season after Ohio State reported the players sold 2008 and 2009 player-only OSU gear and memorabilia to a local tattoo parlor owner. In addition to selling the items for cash, Ohio State reported that players also bartered Buckeye memorabilia for tattoos.

Among the Ohio State items cited by the NCAA in its report were 2008 gold pants sold by Terrelle Pryor and Solomon Thomas.

Ohio State players suspended five games for selling 2008 Gold Pants

Of the two pairs of OSU gold pants sold in the Pawn Stars episode, one was from the same 2008 season.

The items were sold by a man identified as “Bob” to Pawn Stars cast member Rick Harrison.

Here is the pertinent exchange from the television show regarding the 2008 Ohio State player-only memorabilia between Bob and Harrison: Read more…

Browns Find Winning Won’t Cure All (Like Staph)

Joe Jurevicius joined the legions of Clevelend Browns players hooked up to antibiotics IVs and undergoing follow-up surgeries due to a staph infection. The CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER notes this makes six known Browns players in four years to contract this nasty infection.

Giant microbes

(Oh, sure… they look cute now…)

Jurevicius showed symptoms of the infection two weeks after surgery in January, apparently meaning he could have contracted it anywhere. Thankfully, he will heal nicely unlike LeCharles Bentley, who almost died.
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