Stuart Scott: “Proud” Of LeBron Decision Show

Stuart Scott recently conducted a chat on in which he discussed his feelings about LeBron James and the role ESPN played in the NBA player’s move from Cleveland to Miami.

Stuart Scott Proud Of ESPN's The Decision Show For LeBron James

I excerpted a selection of Scott’s comments from the chat and responded to his remarks in bold.

Scott: As a free agent LBJ owed Cleveland nothing. That’s not disrespect, it’s just his right based on rules and bylaws established before he set foot in the NBA. Narcissistic? Star athlete has big decision, ubiquitous sports network is there to cover it.

Me: ESPN didn’t cover it, ESPN created it. Without ESPN, “The Decision” wouldn’t have existed.

From what we now know, the prospect of such an ESPN-enabled production may have been the main reason why James dragged out his choice for so long - causing such acute consternation to the people of Cleveland.

Scott: That’s what we do. … I am proud of the dozens of people who worked on that show. And for all the criticism it received, a 7.6 cable rating is ginormous. Read more…