Mr. Vick Is Learning The Value Of ‘Chump Change’

Michael Vick has been in prison for just about a year now and I’m sure while he’s been there he’s made a lot of new friends and forged relationships that will last him a lifetime.  Of course, at the rate he’s going, those friendships could be the only thing Vick has left when he gets out of prison.

(Lend me $20?)

See, Vick filed for bankruptcy back in July after spending all his money on trying to keep his dog-fighting ass out of jail.  At least, that’s what he would have wanted you to believe.  While a lot of Vick’s money went to paying his lawyers and court expenses, adding those two things up does not equal $17.7 million.   Which is why the newly released report from his bankruptcy case that details exactly what Mike has spent all his money on is so much fun to read.

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