Our Legal System At Work: Fight Over Becks’ Uni

When the LA Galaxy visited Hawaiʻi in February for the Fantasyland “Pan-Pacific Championship”/David Beckham World Tour, Beckham made a gracious gesture after the Febuary 22nd match. Instead of handing his jersey to a Gamba Osaka player, he jogged to the crowd, pointed at a boy, and tossed him his jersey. Look, how sweet!

Kids wait for jersey from David Beckham

But wait, what’s this? A tussle has broken out over the jersey! Which of these two boys - best friends for years - did Beckham throw the jersey to? Who will let go first? Who will win?

Kids claw eyes out for David Beckham jersey


Look at the eyes on those kids. That’s “Lord of the Flies” right there. Don’t turn your back, Piggy. You’re goin’ down and you’re goin’ down hard.

Even in a non-contiguous United State, you know how this ends: with lawyers.

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NE Patriots Still Want to Own “19-0″ Trademark

Determined to win something decisively this year, New England Patriots lawyers continue to press for the trademarks to “19-0″ and “19-0 The Perfect Season” so they can place the trademark on such items as golf balls, Christmas tree ornaments, jigsaw puzzles, and “toy and decorative windsocks”.

Bill Belichick

(Ho ho ho! 19 and oh!™)

So we’ve learned two facts today: The Patriots knows no boundaries and there is such a thing as a toy windsock. Perhaps Bill Belichick never received one from dad Steve as a kid and continues to vent his anger on society today for that perceived slight. Why didn’t you buy him the toy windsock, Steve? He wasn’t going to shoot his eye out with it!

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