Arizona State Apparently OK With Sex Offenders

Arizona State doesn’t exactly have the highest moral standards — hey, they hired a thrice-violating Dennis Erickson to coach their football team — but they’ve never been accused of covering up something they handled incorrectly. Well, start those sirens now, because the Tempe school has agreed to a settlement to keep a woman who was raped by an ASU football player quiet.

dirk koetter

(This man not only got a rapist re-instated, he defended him again and again.)

Worse yet, it’s been revealed that the player who raped the victim in a dorm had already been suspended once for inappropriate sexual comments, touching and exposing himself … and when he was allowed back into school, he immediately began playing for the football team again. It was as if nothing had happened. Even worse, after he was finally kicked out of school, his former coach helped him land at a new place to play: Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

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Bonds’ Lawyers Say Typos Could Turn Legal Tide

Lawyers for Barry Bonds are hoping a small typo could make a big enough loophole for the slugger to jump through.

Barry Bond Barroid sign

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports Bonds’ legal team filed a complaint Thursday saying that the screw-up from Federal prosecutors could hurt Bonds’ chances to get a fair trial. Read more…

De La Hoya Lingerie Case Isn’t Getting Less Weird

It’s not hard to tell that Milana Dravnel and her lawyer are more interested in winning the battle of publicity and public opinion than they are in doing anything within the actual halls of justice. That big press event on Friday regarding Oscar De La Hoya and the now infamous pictures in drag? All for show. But a good show it was.

Milana Dravnel

Dravnel, looks, oh, pretty good right there. I’d dare say 40 percent of men would dress up in fishnets on her behalf.

But would they hurt her emotionally like De La Hoya did? Uh-oh. Let’s let the NEW YORK TIMES tell the story in a way only they could. Read more…

Group Sues Patriots To Get Super Bowl 36 Refund

It’s not just senators who are up in arms about the Patriots’ cheating ways. The CINCINNATI ENQUIRER reports that because of Bill Belichick’s illegal videotaping, some fans & players from Super Bowl XXXVI are suing for a super refund.

Super Bowl XXXVI Patriots Rams Kurt Warner

A lawsuit was filed in New Orleans on Friday, claiming the illegal videotaping of a Rams walkthrough gave the Pats an “unfair advantage” in the game, which they won 20-17. The suit charges that the Patriots “committed numerous crimes including fraud, racketeering and breach of contract in addition to violating Louisiana’s unfair trade practices and consumer protection act.”

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De La Hoya In Court To Face Stripper Shutterbug

Remember all those lovely photos of Oscar De La Hoya in drag? Remember how the model-slash-stripper who took the pics sued the boxer for making her sign an agreement that “undervalued the photos to prospective buyers“?

Oscar de la Hoya photos dressed like a woman

Well, they’re getting back together - in court. The NEW YORK POST’S PAGE SIX develops news of Milana Dravnel and De La Hoya facing off in the halls of justice today. The meet-up is to resolve the lawsuit filed by the Siberian stripper shutterbug. And her lawyer has already thrown the first punch.

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Milftastic FSU Hoops Coach Takes The $6.6 Million

A follow-up to Saturday’s update on former Fresno State women’s hoops coach Stacy Johnson-Klein’s sexual harassment suit: the FRESNO BEE says Johnson-Klein will take the reduced $6.6 million award the judge handed down (cut from the jury’s $19.1 million) and avoid a new trial.

Stacy Johnson-Klein

But this may not be the end of it: after having its collective behind handed to it thrice by former female coaches or administrators in sexual harassment trials and a fourth lawsuit on the way, the Fresno State brass is still considering an appeal.

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Akers’ Radar Detector Costs More Than Your Car

Michael Klein of the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER revs up news that David Akers is suing a Florida car restorer for doing “shoddy work” on his Ford Mustang - including a $1,700 radar detector.

David Akers Ford Mustang GT

The Eagles kicker contends that Ronaele Inc. “applied a defective clear coat and improperly installed a high-performance exhaust system” to his Shelby GT500. He also charged the company with putting unauthorized photos of himself on their website. (The photos have since been taken down.)

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Milftastic Hoops Coach Loses $12.5M Off Ruling

You may recall back in December that former Fresno State women’s hoops coach Stacy Johnson-Klein went and won herself a $19.1 million dollar award from a jury in her sexual harassment trial. Well, like most civil suits with large awards, the FRESNO BEE reports that a judge has hacked that down to a more manageable $6.6 million, should she choose to accept it.

Stacy Johnson-Klein

Johnson-Klein has a little less than two weeks to accept the money on the table or pursue a new trial. This won’t take any heat off of the Fresno State administrators, though, as Klein’s case was merely the third major sexual harassment claim the school had to deal with from its athletics department — the school has handed out multi-million dollar judgments or settlements to former volleyball coach Lindy Vivas and former athletic administrator Diane Milutnovich, and that has politicians calling for heads to roll.

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Moss Accuser’s Play For Big Payday Intercepted

The woman who accused Randy Moss of battery may end up getting nothing for her trouble.

Randy Moss smile

The BOSTON HERALD reports that Rachelle Washington and her attorney David McGill will likely end up empty-handed in their quest for payback. Moss lawyer Richard Sharpstein says, “She’s not going to get a nickel out of this and she’s going to get no satisfaction out of it.

During the war of words between McGill and Moss agent Tim DiPietro, Randy’s camp was willing to give Washington $100,000 to keep quiet about the so-called incident. But McGill counter-offered with a $500,000 demand, adding, “Take it or leave it.”

Now the tables may have turned on McGill & Washington.

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War of Words Heats Up Between Moss & Accuser

The war of words is heating up between Randy Moss and his accuser - or more specifically, between Moss’ agent and the lawyer for Moss’ accuser.

Randy Moss speaking to reporters

The only points of contention that agent Tim DiPietro and attorney David McGill seem to agree on is that Moss and accuser Rachelle Washington were long-time friends, and that Washington injured her hand in the alleged incident.

Then the trade-offs begin.

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