Speed Read: Romo, Jones Have Different “Picks”

Usually, Tony Romo saves his worst for last, shining as the season begins but falling apart in December and January. But hey, last night was kind of a big game - it was the first “official” game at the new Cowboys Stadium, and it was a national TV audience against the arch-rival New York Giants. So I guess you can’t blame Romo for reverting to his late-season form and throwing up all over himself in the Cowboys’ 33-31 loss.

Tony Romo vs Giants

Romo threw three picks - including one that was returned for a touchdown - and generally looked more spooked than a race horse that’s just been hit with a firecracker. But despite this, the Cowboys actually led late, and it looked like Dallas might pull out an improbable victory. Read more…

Knoxville’s Newest Trim Is Bruce Pearl’s Ex-Wife

• The ex-wife of Bruce Pearl puts her alimony money to amusing use.

Kim Shrigley Bruce Pearl Alimony'

LeBron James receives a Madison Square Garden reception fit for a king.

Brian Urlacher dresses his kid in pink diapers & blue nail polish.

• Giants kicker wants the President to pardon his pot-peddling brother.

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Giants Kicker Wants Presidential Pardon For Bro

Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes is already a hero in New York, having kicked the Giants into the Super Bowl with an overtime connection in Green Bay last January. Well, now he’s trying to become a hero in high traffic-areas like Compton, CA., Forrest City Federal Correctional Complex in Arkansas and, if you believe in the Showtime sitcom “Weeds” they way I do, Agrestic Heights: Tynes wants his brother, convicted drug-dealing felon Mark Tynes, released from his 27-year sentence via presidential pardon.


(Lawrence Tynes thinks he could celebrate his brother’s freedom soon.)

That’s right, the brother of an NFL kicker was a marijuana-smuggling kingpin in Texas, and a nasty one at that. Rather than cooperate with authorities for a lighter sentence, Mark Tynes refused to name any of his collaborators, only to see his jail time increased from 151 months to 324. Yes, 324 months! The now-31 year old Tynes was caught smuggling 3,600 pounds of marijuana from Texas to Florida in 2004, which is a bit more of a serious offense than the pardon given former fugitive financier Mark Rich during the Clinton administration. That guy was dealing in funny money, Mark Tynes was dealing in sticky-icky. Lots of it.

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Blog-O-Rama: Greg Oden Sells Himself Quite Well

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS would buy anything Greg Oden was selling, based on his performance in this ESPN The Magazine ad:

• CRASHBURN ALLEY draws up news of John Kruk appearing on “Aqua Teen Hunger Force“.• TIRICO SUAVE has some suggestions for anyone thinking of starting up a Dana Jacobson-inspired sports blog.

• WAGGLE ROOM swings over news that the Australian Women’s Open is in financial trouble.

Maria Sharapova Ana Ivanovic glamor shots

Maybe they should take a cue from the other Aussie Women’s Open.

• DC SPORTS BOG takes a hair-raising look at the Patriots’ playoff beards.

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