Lawrence is a Little Too Frank For ESPN Live TV

Lawrence Frank s- and f-bomb on ESPN2’s First Take this morning:

Jay Crawford sounds like a Jayson Williams late ’90s houseguest with that nervous laugh. Poor dude. (Thx YBB.)

Frank Might Have Caught Knight Tirade On Tape

Add our name to interested parties for the soon-to-be vacancy down in Bloomington.

Nets coach Lawrence Frank may have been the one who caught Bobby Knight’s ‘91 locker room tirade on tape.

Bob Knight Lawrence Frank yelling

Hey, baseball fans: Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em! (You, too, NFL fans!)

The Baby Boss bawls over baseball being “singled out” over steroids use.

This video demonstrates how to keep your balls in order when performing in a threesome. Read more…

Did Lawrence Frank Secretly Tape Knight Tirade?

DEADSPIN (via INDY CORNROWS) leaks out word of who may have secretly recorded one of Bobby Knight’s better-known locker room blow-ups: New Jersey Nets coach Lawrence Frank.

Bobby Knight Indiana Lawrence Frank

On the heels of tonight’s Indiana-Purdue game, the INDIANAPOLIS STAR looks back at the 1991 tirade of the ex-Hoosier coach spewing out profanities in classic Knight form (definitely NSFW). And one former IU player says the Nets’ minder was the one who probably taped it. Read more…