McNabb’s Lawn Burned by AZ Fans Before Game?

When we covered last weekend’s NFC Championship Game in charming Glendale, AZ, for SPORTSbyBROOKS, we spoke rather disparagingly about Eagles fans and with some affection for Cardinals fans, especially since the latter tried to get us drunk and the former were the worst guests since Paris Hilton on “The Tonight Show”.  (Trashed gang green room, indeed.)

We won’t retract our previous opinions even though they echo the stereotypical Philly fan, but we must add that a few Cardinals fans apparently lived up to their own caricatures as the 49th state to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Donovan McNabb

According to Michael Silver of YAHOO! SPORTS (hat tip to THE 700 LEVEL), Cardinals fans allegedly burned “Go Cards” and other nonsense into Donovan McNabb’s lawn at his offseason home in the East Valley of Phoenix last week while Donovan’s wife and children slept.

Don’t worry; the trail didn’t run cold, exactly.  The lawn artists left a box on the scene with a mailing address attached.  Barney Fife could solve this one before the first commercial break.
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