Lavar Arrington Sports Bar Closes, Stiff Employees

A DC-area sports bar named after former Redskin and current DC sports radio host LaVar Arrington recently went out of business just two days before Christmas. ABC 7 in DC reports that employees of the establishment were stiffed on their last paycheck.

Lavar Arrington Sports Bar Closes, Stiffs Employees

The sports bar, called ‘The Sideline’, opened just last year but filed for bankruptcy early in 2009, with debts of reportedly up to $10M.

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Like A Pitiful Orphan, No One Wants The Redskins

LaVar Arrington hates Joe Gibbs
. Clinton Portis hates Jim Zorn. Everybody hates Dan Snyder. Yes, it’s a great time to be involved with the Washington Redskins, as a once-promising season goes down the drain and even local governments don’t want anything to do with the team.

Redskins Logo

Nearby Loudon County, Va., home of the Skins’ training camp and corporate offices, voted to have nothing further to do with the sinking ship. The Board of Supervisors voted against a sweeping partnership with the team that could have led to a Redskins Hall of Fame. For what seems like it might’ve been a pretty good tourist draw, Loudoun demurred over the matter of $100,000.

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Arrington Calls Former Coach Gibbs a “Coward”

Post-football life for a ex-NFL player is a time to finally relax. While their careers end at a relatively young age, their bodies, like porn stars, have taken on an extraordinarily amount of mileage in a short period of time, leaving them hobbled with arthritic knees and stiff wrists, also like porn stars. So it’s common for most of them to just kind of take it easy and live out their golden years quietly. Thank God that’s not the case for former Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington, who still has plenty left to say.

LaVar Arrington on SI Cover

In a compelling read over at THE WASHINGTON TIMES, we’re taken through what Arrington has been up to in the 2+ years since his career was ended by a combo Achilles tendon explosion/motorcycle wreck. After discussing his latest string of eateries and other entrepreneurial ventures, he opens up about his football life, specifically by talking hilarious trash about Dan Snyder and Joe Gibbs.

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Blog-A-Roni: AVP Tour Fan Heads Above The Rest

• The NEW YORK TIMES volleys up the tale of one obsessive AVP fan.

AVP fan with forehead tattoo

• SIGNAL TO NOISE serves up SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s lead tennis writer defending Justin Gimelstob’s little anti-Anna Kournikova rant.

• ESPN’s Pedro Gomez discovers the stadium that hosted Sunday’s Euro 2008 final also once hosted Jewish inmates as a World War II Nazi prison.

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK can’t stand the new Chiefs’ stadium policy, and you won’t stand for it, either.

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