Arenas: “If She Can’t Have Me, She’ll Destroy Me”

A month ago I relayed dubious details of the breakup of Gilbert Arenas and the mother of his three children - with another on the way.

Card Sharks With Gilbert Arenas

(If only the kids had a card to play. Ugh.)

Laura Govan, who was with Arenas for nine years, claimed in late December (through her publicist) to Amy Argetsinger of the WASHINGTON POST that Arenas had “abandoned” their children and left her without money to buy their kids Christmas gifts.

Last week in a Washington Post piece co-authored by the same reporter who published Govan’s earlier claims, Argetsinger, more sordid details of the relationship seemingly surfaced. But the bizarre nature of the provocative information can’t help but call into question the veracity of the details.

As part of the Post’s gossip column The Reliable Source, Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts published the following on Jan. 27:

That might have been the end of the public drama. But then Govan contacted Trope and Trope, a high-profile family law firm in Los Angeles, and met with an attorney from the firm. Somehow, nine pages of typewritten notes from their meeting ended up in the midst of a court filing in another, unrelated case handled by the firm. All the pages were filed in a public docket in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Trope and Trope did not return calls for comment. According to a court order allowing the firm to remove the notes from public record because they contained “confidential attorney-client privileged communications,” the firm “inadvertently copied and submitted” them due to a “clerical error.”

Perhaps not coincidentally, the content of those documents portrayed Arenas in an extremely negative light, including what the Post reporters called his “profligate spending.” Excerpt:

In confidential notes, Govan — who is expecting her fourth child with Arenas — describes fights where he repeatedly threw her out of the house, his profligate spending (including a shark tank/pool/grotto complex said to cost $1 million), lavish vacations and spending sprees at toy stores.

And yet they never had a nanny, Govan complains, according to the notes: “he would state ‘you had them you watch them.’ “

If Trope and Trope sounds familiar, it’s because Sorrell Trope is perhaps the leading celebrity divorce attorney on the planet. But don’t take my word for it, you can read all about him on a page dedicated solely to Trope. The L.A. attorney has most recently repped Oksana Grigorieva, the estranged girlfriend of Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen’s beleaguered ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

And now Laura Govan.

It isn’t impossible to believe that Trope’s firm could’ve committed such a colossal gaffe in mistakenly including notes from the Govan-Arenas spat in a court filing for another of the firm’s cases. But for those notes, which included incredibly damaging claims against Govan’s legal adversary, to go from being buried in a random Los Angeles Superior Court civil case filing to the direct email inbox of the same Washington Post reporter who previously gave Govan a pre-Trope outlet for her abuse claims against Arenas is a coincidence defying belief.

Trope’s business model is to massage public and media perception of his client in order to win financial rewards for them. The leakage of the Arenas docs certainly fits that profile. There’s always a chance the file fumble was a completely unintended mistake on the part of Trope’s firm.

Or not.

This week, for the first time, Arenas himself was confronted on the record about his breakup with Govan.
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Arenas Baby Mama: “no money” For Food, Xmas

A nine-year relationship involving Gilbert Arenas and the mother of his three children - with another on the way - has gotten ugly.

Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan

The WASHINGTON POST reports that Arenas broke up with the mother of his children, Laura Govan, around Thanksgiving.

More from the WaPo’s Amy Argetsinger:

A representative for Govan - yes, there are reps involved this time - told The Washington Post that Arenas has cut off communication and funds from her and their three children.

Govan, who is four months pregnant with their fourth child, “has not heard from Arenas the whole month of December,” said publicist Laura Wright in an e-mailed statement. “Govan and the children feel like they have been abandoned.”

Wright - who has worked for Govan’s sister Gloria and her fiance, Los Angeles Lakers forward Matt Barnes - said that Govan was left at their Great Falls home “with no money to purchase food or Christmas gifts.”

Arenas has yet to comment on the accusation from his former fiancee though he did tell reporters before he was traded from Washington to Orlando that he’d been staying at teammate Nick Young’s home for “about a month.

After he was traded from the Wizards to the Magic, Arenas told the Washington Post on Dec. 20 that he couldn’t wait to jet - literally - from D.C.:

“I went to the airport and left. I didn’t have a chance to say bye to anybody. I didn’t even say bye to the kids.”

This isn’t the first time Govan has had a highly publicized breakup with Arenas. From the Post: Read more…

Shaq Facing Tiger-like Media, Sponsor Meltdown?

An increasing din emanating from urban gossip blogs about the alleged extramarital dalliances of Shaquille O’Neal has grown considerably the past two months.

Shaq with 4 blondes, Estranged Wife Shaunie

(Inset: O’Neal’s estranged wife Shaunie)

That smoke has since wafted over to and, with both outlets now covering accusations from a woman, repped by Gloria Allred, alleging O’Neal harassed her. Also, as recently as today, RadarOnline produced a woman it claimed was an alleged mistress of O’Neal.

So are we starting to get to the point where O’Neal’s rep with the media, fans and sponsors is about to take a monster, Tiger-like hit? Before you answer, keep reading.

On November 5, the urban blog Young, Black & Fabulous alleged that O’Neal was having an affair with Laura Govan,  the fiancee of Gilbert Arenas. The website subsequently produced emails and other evidence in an attempt to prove that O’Neal had trysts with Govan.

On November 10, O’Neal’s wife Shaunie separated from her husband of seven years with the intention of filing for divorce. The couple has four kids together.

After the YBF report, O’Neal drastically curtailed his Tweeting. Ironic considering that he was the first major athlete to use Twitter liberally. Arenas has since denied that an affair happened between O’Neal and his fiancee, though O’Neal has made no public statement about the report.

Vanessa Lopez press conference about Shaq

(Tim Floyd seen hovering, envelope in hand)

Then on December 4, Young Black & Fabulous struck again.

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Alleged Emails: Shaq & NBA Baller’s Baby Momma

Yesterday I noted how was once again reporting that Shaquille O’Neal was have an extramarital affair. (His wife Shaunie recently filed for divorce.) The same site in November reported that Shaq had sex with the fiancee and mother of Gilbert Arenas‘ children.

Shaq emails LaTosha Lee Cheats On His Wife

This time accuses Shaq of having sex *shudder* with the girlfriend and baby momma of Minnesota Timberwolves player Damien Wilkins. Similar to the Arenas report, the website has what it claims is an email exchange between Shaq and Wilkins’ girlfriend, a “stripper from Atlanta” named LaTosha Lee. Read more…

Gil Arenas Has Strange, Painful Message For Shaq

Two weeks ago an urban gossip blog reported that the fiancee and baby momma of Gilbert Arenas, Laura Govan, was having a sexual relationship with Shaquille O’Neal. The blog even went so far to publish alleged email correspondence between the two.

Gilbert Arenas Video Message For Shaq

The day after the blog report, O’Neal’s wife Shaunie, who is a friend of Govan’s, filed for divorce from Shaq. The Wizards and Cavaliers met last Wednesday in Washington, so there was plenty anticipation of a confrontation between O’Neal and Arenas, but Shaq contracted a “mysterious” shoulder ailment before the game and was a no-show.

Arenas hasn’t addressed the rumors about his fiancee’s infidelity with O’Neal, but he did mention Shaq prominently in a recent video he posted on Twitter. A strange, somewhat ominous message directed at O’Neal. Read more…

Book It, Done: Shaunie Kicks Shaq To The Curb

All across America gigantic underpants are flying at half-staff today as it is learned that Shaunie O’Neal has filed for separation from her large, Cleveland Cavaliers-playing husband. This just a day after it was alleged by one web site that Shaq was canoodling with Gilbert Arenas‘ fiance, Laura Govan.

Shaquille, Shaunie O'Neal

The site YOUNG, BLACK AND FABULOUS, which needless to say I have bookmarked, has some quite graphic emails purportedly sent back and forth between Shaq and Govan. And the papers that Shaunie O’Neal filed on Monday are just as graphic, with terms such as “community assets” and “separate property.” Anyway, Shaq’s back on the market, ladies. Form and orderly queue. Read more…

Is Shaq Shaqing Up With Gilbert Arenas’ Fiance?

Sorry if this ruins your holidays, but it seems as if Shaquille O’Neal has been cheating on his wife instead of practicing his free throws as he should be doing. At least this is according to the site YOUNG, BLACK AND FABULOUS; the first place I check for all of my NBA news. Who is Shaq trysting with? Laura Govan, who also happens to be Gilbert Arenas‘ fiance and the mother of his two children.

(The Gilbert Arenas, Laura Govan, Shaquille O’Neal love triangle offense)

YBF claims to have sources who confirm the O’Neal-Govan shenanigans — Shaqnanigans? — and the site has something even more salacious, it says: Emails between the two lovebirds. Here’s one now!

Shaquille O'Neal email

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