Softballers Make Dubya Look Dumber Than Usual

It seems as though President George W. Bush can’t catch a break when going for a photo-op with a group of female athletes in Beijing. Beach volleyball gold medalist Misty May-Treanor offered him the chance to give her a good luck slap to the rear (which he declined, sort of). And things didn’t get any better when he visited the US Softball Team over the weekend, judging by this photo:

President Bush Gets Pranked

What is on his back is the “handiwork” of Laura Berg, the veteran prankster of the US team. As she related to THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, she managed to put a giant chalk handprint on his back without him knowing it. The look on the face of her teammate pretty much sums it up: “I can’t believe the President has been walking around this whole time with a chalk turkey on his back.”

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