Sprewell: No Time For Autographs, Financial Solvency

Rocking The Suburbs strikes gold today with this priceless, unsigned autograph rejection form letter from Latrell Sprewell:

Lattrell Sprewell turns down autograph request

Too generic for your taste? We can always tweak, “Yours in Basketball,” to, “Yours in Bankruptcy,” to achieve a little more authenticity.

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How To Not Lose Millions, As So Many Athletes Do

Have you ever wondered how so many athletes go broke after retirement so often? After all, Latrell Sprewell and Antoine Walker were both worth over $100 million, and yet within five years of retirement, each was essentially bankrupt. How, you might wonder?

Lenny Dykstra
(Hey, finally some expert advice Lenny Dykstra would be qualified to give!)

Fortunately, the BUSINESS INSIDER published a handy 11-point list on how to accomplish exactly that. The list is full of the usual suspects: bad investments, families magically growing exponentially upon the first signed contract, drugs. You know, exactly how you’d expect people lose money. But rather than look at the situation as what not to do - after all, how do you “not” have greedy relatives if you’re a millionaire? - why not approach the situation as a series of suggestions on what to actually do? A few tips below.

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Sprewell Fed His Kids But Forgot His Mortgage

Former basketball player Latrell Sprewell had a pretty decent career during his 13 years in the NBA as he averaged 18.7 points a game, but I’ll only remember him for two things he did during it.  There was the time he choked out P.J. Carlesimo in practice with the Golden State Warriors, and then there was the time he turned down a three-year $21 million contract because it wasn’t enough to feed his family.

Latrell Sprewell

Well, it looks like Latrell did stick to his word about feeding his kids, but those little rugrats most have eaten a lot.  Ever since Sprewell retired from the NBA in 2005 he’s had nothing but money problems, with the latest being that a bank has foreclosed on his Milwaukee home.

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Danica Patrick Gets A Little Racy For SI Photo Op

Our off-the-cuff comments never need defending. (The 222s certainly help.)

• Racer Danica Patrick gets ever racier by posing topless for SI:

Danica Patrick photo SI

• While the mag convinced the delectable driver to show some skin, it won’t be covering Tiger Woods as Jesus.

John Rocker says he & A-Rod got steroid advice from the Texas Rangers.

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Sprewell Chokes Away $400K House, 70-Ft. Yacht

The ASSOCIATED PRESS gets all choked up on the failing financial fortunes of Latrell Sprewell. The ex-NBA player recently had his house foreclosed on and his yacht auctioned off.

Latrell Sprewell will hoop for food

Citizens Bank has foreclosed on the $405,000 suburban Milwaukee home, claiming that Sprewell still owes almost $300,000 on the house, and that he hasn’t made any mortgage payments since September 2007. Meanwhile, Spree’s 70-foot sloop, the “Milwaukee’s Best”, was sold off for $856,000 - still about $500,000 short of what North Fork Bank says is owed to them.

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