SbB @ UFC 100: Friday is Ladies’ Night in MMA

(Note: SbB Senior Writer Tuffy is on the ground in Vegas this weekend for UFC 100 and provides this report.)

The festivities surrounding UFC 100 aren’t limited to the activities under the purview of Dana White.   From the professional nightclub/porn card distributors that somehow slipped into Mandalay Bay after the weigh-in to meet the crowd just outside the doors to the banquet halls of nearly every casino in the city with a big-screen TV and enough money to cover the PPV, everyone wants in.


However, the event closest to UFC’s roots occurred last night as up-and-coming amateur promoter Tuff-N-Uff put up a card with a twist: 10 matches, all women.  (This from the group that brought us the MMA debut of former Playboy model LaTasha Marzolla last May.)

Marketed as the first all-femme gig in Vegas history, at least 4,000 fans (many in town for UFC 100) came out to see 20 women grapple on a Friday night.

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Ex-Playboy Model Of The Year Wins MMA Debut

Gina Carano took an awful lot of the questions in Las Vegas last night after LaTasha Marzolla, a former Playboy model, made her MMA debut in Tuff-N-Uff, an amateur free-for-all that the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL lovingly referred to as “far more rookie ball types than Triple-A prospects“.

LaTasha Marzolla

That’s no problem, though, since Marzolla let her fists speak well enough in a single round. Her opponent, Christy Tada, didn’t answer the call for the second round after a confident showing marred only by initial hesitation, according to the LAS VEGAS SUN.

(More pics of LaTasha after the jump.)

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