Wake Forest’s Weak Contest Idea: Sit ‘Til It Hurts

There’s nothing like a feat of endurance to truly test one’s character. It can be as much a mental challenge as physical. How far can you run before your body stops cooperating. How long can you go without sleep before your brain stops functioning. Or in the case of a handful of Wake Forest football fans, how long can you sit in an empty football stadium before you butt starts to fall asleep.

Empty stadium, single fan


The WINSTON-SALEM JOURNAL has details on Wake Forest’s idea of a draining contest. Called “Last Fan Sitting,” it asks 30 fans to sit in their stadium seats and … actually, that’s about it. No physical strain, no mental stress, just sitting at the stadium. This has to be the least demanding contest since the “Last Person Lounging in Bed Watching TV and Drinking Ginger Ale” a few years ago.

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