Minor League Hockey Team Bringing In Strippers

Like most minor league franchises, the Las Vegas Wranglers hockey team have resorted to some clever if not questionable promotional nights to get more fannies in the seats. The team that calls the Orleans Casino & Arena home has previously offered “Dick Cheney Hunting Vest Night”, and to show they don’t play political favorites, has also presented “Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich Prison Uniform Night”.

half naked hockey girl

Oh, the hilarity! But you would think a team located in Sin City would put on something a little more … um, sinful. Well, the Wranglers have granted our wishes, as they plan to hold an”Over 18 Night” next Tuesday. There will be cheap(er than usual) booze, DJ music - and strippers!

But for all you hockey horndogs, there is a minor catch.

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Fassel Finally Gets New Coaching Gig … In UFL

Well, it finally happened: Former Giants coach Jim Fassel convinced a football team that he deserves another shot at being a head coach. Here’s the catch: That team isn’t in the NFL, and it’s not even in the NCAA, either.

jim fassel espn

(Hey, coaching in Vegas can’t be any more awkward than his ESPN spots.)

According to the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL, the former Super Bowl runner-up agreed to become the head coach of Las Vegas’ entry into the UFL, the new upstart professional league that is designed to rival the NFL. The UFL is slated to start operations next fall, and while league sources wouldn’t confirm Fassel was on board, UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue wouldn’t deny it, either, and quickly added that there were, “upcoming announcements about the league.”

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? And by “ominous,” we mean “desperate”  on the part of Fassel. How is it that a man who, by all accounts, was one whisker away from becoming head coach of the Redskins last winter falls all the way back to taking a job in a start-up league? And what kind of a career move is a UFL head job, anyway? Do we have any idea whether this league is even going to be solvent for a single season? Last time we checked, the XFL actually played a couple games, emphasis on “couple”. The UFL hasn’t played a single matchup yet, has yet to hold a draft or officially announce stadiums where teams are playing, and its opening weekend is a mere eight months away! Heck, they don’t even know all the cities that are going to be involved. It’s a total mess.

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ECHL’s Blagojevich Night Means Prison Uniforms

Not to go all MSNBC on you, but did you see Rod Blagojevich’s press conference yesterday? Holy crap, that’s the early favorite for batsh*ttiest insane moment of 2009. The impeached Illinois Governor is honestly making Stephen Colbert’s job a little too easy. But around these parts, we all know that the destination for cutting edge political satire isn’t the Daily Show or Colbert Report, but rather the ECHL.

Las Vegas Wranglers Blagojevich Jersey

Those Las Vegas Wranglers are up to their old tricks again, scheduling Rod Blagojevich night. The players will play in vintage prison uniforms, a move that’s either hilariously slanderous or slanderously hilarious. They’ll also be auctioning off the best seat to the highest bidder.

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ECHL Is Once Again Best Place For Political Satire

The Sarah Palin SbB tour continues! Hey, don’t blame us, we’ve only got about a week left of her schtick before she’s never heard from again. Wait, she is doing schtick, right? She’s not really like that, right?

Sarah Palin

(Artist’s conception of Sarah shopping for furs.)

On this week’s episode, Sarah spends $150,000 on clothes in the middle of a worldwide recession. Oops! Well, one minor league hockey team took their cue from Palin, and awarded one lucky hockey mom a $150 shopping spree at Neiman-Marcus.

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Vegas Hockey Squad Awash In Alternate Jerseys

Hockey teams have traditionally worn (and sold) only home & road jerseys. But in the last few years, many franchises have added an alternate uniform or two to the lineup, in an effort to spice things up on the ice & move out more merchandise to the fans.

However, the Las Vegas Wranglers may have overdone it a bit.

Las Vegas Wranglers jerseys

The LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL skates over news that the minor league club has shown off up to 15 different jersey designs during its brief 5-year existence. Read more…