Jeter Still Working His Way Through Hot 100 List

First it’s baseball bobbleheads, then bobblefeet - which body part is next?

• Checking the Derek Jeter Maxim leaderboard - that’s 7 down, 93 to go.

Minka Kelly Derek Jeter

• How’s Jeff Samardzija’s baseball career hitting it off? Well, not too good.

• Indy Car’s new “Danica Rule” weighs heavy on our minds.

Mark Cuban built an underground bunker? He must’ve been high.

• Is Randy Moss’s WVU jacket making a mockery of Marshall?

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‘Cable Guy’ Installs Football Team at Old School

From the man that brought you one-fourth of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Witless Protection, Delta Farce, and that baby you see below, a new production has arrived from Dan Whitney (a.k.a. Larry the Cable Guy) that we honestly cannot wait to tell you about. It starts dozens of young men, will probably be seen by almost no one, and might just be the best work he’s ever done.

Larry the Cable Guy and his child

Ladies and gentlemen… the Berean Christian football team of West Palm Beach.

Berean Christian School hadn’t fielded a football team since 1981 due to lack of interest and funds for the tiny private school. However, times have changed and they were ready to start a team again this year. Just as bake sales and car washes were being planned, word filtered to one of the linemen for that 1981 squad: Dan Whitney. He opened his checkbook and paid for it all.

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Blog Jam: Bell Babes Become Eagles Cheerleaders

• KISSING SUZY KOLBER rings up congratulations to the Bell Sisters, as all three lovelies landed spots on the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader squad.

Bell Sisters Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

• The MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL knows the Brewers sure have a fun following. When it’s not the Honky Tonk Man showing up at Spring Training, it’s Larry the Cable Guy coming out for batting practice. We expect nothing less from a fan base that can create a 12-man beer bong.

• WALKOFF WALK hears that Ernie Banks wants his statue outside Wrigley Field to feature his voice welcoming fans to the Friendly Confines.

• If Aaron Rodgers is going to be the Packers’ main man, LARRY BROWN SPORTS isn’t sure why Green Bay would draft a QB in the 2nd round.

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