Amid Bad Blood, Chiefs Release Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson didn’t want to be there. His coach, Todd Haley, didn’t want him to be there. The fans didn’t want him to be there. The ladies definitely didn’t want him to be there. And thus, the next course of action couldn’t have been clearer: According to PRO FOOTBALL TALK, Johnson has been released from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Larry Johnson $300,000 watch
(That $300,000 watch might be getting pawned pretty soon.)

This likely comes as great news to the fans; as mentioned above, their vitriol for the outspoken halfback led them to create the most devastating of weapons, an INTERNET PETITION, to call for Johnson’s ouster or any other measure to keep Johnson from claiming the franchise rushing title. Even though the 80 yards Johnson needed would have taken him at least 3 games (because the Chiefs’ rushing game sucks out loud, you see), the fans’ wish has been granted.

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