Larry Johnson Turns The Tables, Sues Accuser

Well, it looks like Larry Johnson’s heading back to court again. Although, for once, he’s the one actually doing the accusing and not the other way around.

Larry Johnson $300,000 watch

LJ filed a lawsuit in Kansas City today as a countersuit to the incident earlier this fall when Johnson was alleged to have thrown a drink on a woman and threatened to kill her. Johnson’s claim? She a threw a drink on me first. In tough economic times, it’s nice to see lots of money going to various lawyers to argue about people throwing drinks.

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Larry Johnson Just Doesn’t Seem To Like Women

The Kansas City Chiefs suspended running back Larry Johnson for this past Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans. They didn’t say why, other than that he’d violated team rules, but the suspension did coincide with Johnson’s latest incident with a woman at a nightclub. Apparently Larry thought a woman had gotten too close to him, so he decided to stiff arm her in the face.

(Three seconds later, she was DEAD)

It wasn’t Larry’s first episode with a woman, as he has been accused of waving his gun at an ex-girlfriend during a fight in 2003 — which he ended up spending time in a domestic violence diversion program for — and in 2005 he had charges filed against him for pushing another woman to the ground at a Kansas City bar. Oh, and it also wasn’t the last episode between Larry and a woman. Guess what he did this weekend while under suspension.

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