Did Pacquiao Pound De La Hoya Into Retirement?

It turns out that maybe the Manila police and Philippine Army knew something about Manny Pacquiao that the rest of us didn’t ahead of his “Super Fight” against Oscar De La Hoya. Like that there would be good reason for the people of the Philippines to be celebrating on Saturday night, because despite having a huge size and weight disadvantage, Pacquiao would be too fast, too smart and - yes - too strong for the aging Golden Boy.

Manny Pacquiao rearranges the beautiful face of Oscar De La Hoya

Whether they were prophets or just looking for a night off, their hero lived up to his end of the bargain, beating De La Hoya’s to a pulp before forcing his corner to throw in the towel before the start of the ninth round. (It was so bad that Jim Lampley was practically in tears at one point while describing how Pacquiao was “rearranging De La Hoya’s beautiful face.” Get a hold of yourself, man.)

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Pierce Ramps Up Some Good Laughs on “Kimmel”

One final fond farewell to Will Leitch, and a hearty welcome to A.J. Daulerio.

• Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce shows up on Jimmy Kimmel’s show in style - by coming on stage while riding in a wheelchair.

Paul Pierce in wheelchair for Jimmy Kimmel show

Justin Gimelstob, tell us how you really feel about Anna Kournikova.

Darrell Arthur did a lot of traveling Thursday night without ever leaving Madison Square Garden.

• The inspiration for Alla Kudryavtseva’s big upset over Maria Sharapova: “I don’t like her outfit.

• Are the Cubs looking to get the “L” (flag) out of Wrigley Field?

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Holmes Opens Circuit City, Knocks Heavyweights

Every former heavyweight champ has to go into some sort of business venture post-retirement, whether high-profile (George Foreman) or the usual restaurant or office building owner. (Some might even say a forced retirement and a business opportunity would be optimal for say, Evander Holyfield.) Former champ Larry Holmes is taking that opportunity, by signing autographs and playing video games with kids at a Circuit City opening in Naples, Florida.

Larry Holmes

The NAPLES DAILY NEWS was there to cover the opening, and while pushing the game “Don King Presents: Prizefighter” (first 100 copies sold come with your own salt-and-pepper King wig), Holmes lamented the state of the heavyweight division and the state of its former champions.

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