Bobblefoot Salutes Sen. Craig’s Stall Adventures

Oh, those wacky St. Paul Saints have done it again! The minor league team that brought the world the Michael Vick dog chew toy has come up with a new novel giveaway - and it’s certain to be flush with success.

St. Paul Saints bathroom bobblefoot

The latest lunacy from the minds at Midway Stadium is this bathroom bobblefoot - much like the bobblehead, only it’s the other end of the body that bounces. The collectible features a pair of feet sticking out below a bathroom stall, with one of the feet spring-loaded so it taps.

The Saints say the giveaway is in honor of National Tap Dancing Day. But Bob von Sternberg of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE knows that the keepsake is a subtle shot at a certain sullied senator: Read more…

Roger Clemens Shares Same Head As Larry Craig

Forget the disgrace of being outed as a steroid user, or the prospect of being barred from the Hall of Fame. Here’s the ultimate indignity Roger Clemens has faced since the Mitchell Report:

Roger Clemens Larry Craig Headline

Being mentioned in the same headline as Larry Craig in the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS.

The story is about Fox’s new reality show called “The Moment Of Truth”, in which “contestants” getting strapped to a polygraph machine on-camera. The participants “must truthfully answer 21 questions about themselves to win the grand prize of $500,000. One lie and they’re done.

Larry Craig Roger Clemens

Clemens of course has no chance, since there’s no denying this past grooming mishap. But we would see the two go at it on the show, especially considering that Mr. Craig isn’t afraid to dig in with a wide stance.

Boise State Fans Correctly Know Senator Craig Is A Vandal

BOISE FANS CORRECT THAT SENATOR CRAIG IS A VANDAL: EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY notes how football fans in Boise always seem to have a gay old time, as evidenced by this choice of clothing:

Senator Craig is a Vandal

The words on the blue shirts read, “Senator Craig is a Vandal” - a reference to the Idaho Republican lawmaker who was caught in an airport men’s room this year trying to enjoy the company of his fellow man.The Boise State fans adorned in the amusing apparel are correct, as Craig did graduate from the University of Idaho in 1969.

Senator Larry Craig cowboy

The whimsical wear was worn by Broncos’ backers for BSU’s clash with the Idaho Vandals. The in-state contest quickly became a no-contest, as Boise blew away the Vandals, 58-14.And there’s no truth to that Boise (stadium) bathroom-boycott rumor.