“SPORTSbyBROOKS will revolutionize your life”

Much of my 16-year main media career was spent in sports radio as a talk show host, play-by-play announcer and program director. When I created the internet’s first sports blog in May, 2001, it wasn’t called a “blog” back then and I was still working full-time in radio.

Larry Brown Sports Sporting News Radio

For the first few years I was writing SbB, I worked part- and full-time at Fox Sports Radio, ESPN Radio and Sporting News Radio. While there’s a lot of sports radio guys now blogging, one guy in particular has emerged as the leader in the field: Larry Brown of LarryBrownSports.com.

Larry’s no newbie, he’s been running his site for a few years now and his blog has become a legit player on the sports media landscape. If you work in sports and don’t have it bookmarked by now, you aren’t doing your job.

So I suppose it was none too ironic when Larry got a call on his nationally syndicated Sporting News Radio show last night from a caller named James from Detroit who voiced an unprompted appreciation for my mom’s favorite sports blog based in Venice Beach.
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Blog Jam: Carroll Calls Kiffin Firing “Dark Moment”

• The ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER hears some sharp words from Pete Carroll over the Raiders firing his former assistant Lane Kiffin: “I couldn’t really be more disappointed for the game of football. I thought today was really a dark moment. To go to that level … hurts football, the NFL and coaching. It wasn’t necessary at all.”

Pete Carroll Lane Kiffin USC

Gee, you’d think Pete was coming off of an upsetting upset to an unranked underdog or something.

• SPORTS CRACKLE POP wants you to help out under-funded schools badly in need of athletic support. If you do, they’ll let you write on their blog!

• DC SPORTS BOG runs up news of the latest trend in marathon bathroom breaks - VIP port-a-potties! (And check out the name of the port-a-potty provider.)

• BUSTED COVERAGE chows down on how Erin Andrews loves to start her mornings when in Tampa: “I always go to Village Inn for breakfast with my dad Steve. I crush the French toast, scrambled eggs and bacon. I’m totally excited for that.”

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