“SPORTSbyBROOKS will revolutionize your life”

Much of my 16-year main media career was spent in sports radio as a talk show host, play-by-play announcer and program director. When I created the internet’s first sports blog in May, 2001, it wasn’t called a “blog” back then and I was still working full-time in radio.

Larry Brown Sports Sporting News Radio

For the first few years I was writing SbB, I worked part- and full-time at Fox Sports Radio, ESPN Radio and Sporting News Radio. While there’s a lot of sports radio guys now blogging, one guy in particular has emerged as the leader in the field: Larry Brown of LarryBrownSports.com.

Larry’s no newbie, he’s been running his site for a few years now and his blog has become a legit player on the sports media landscape. If you work in sports and don’t have it bookmarked by now, you aren’t doing your job.

So I suppose it was none too ironic when Larry got a call on his nationally syndicated Sporting News Radio show last night from a caller named James from Detroit who voiced an unprompted appreciation for my mom’s favorite sports blog based in Venice Beach.
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Speed Read: Hamels Calls Mets “Choke Artists”

World Series MVP Cole Hamels is currently doing some radio promotion for the Phillies championship DVD. But what the heck was he doing on New York’s WFAN yesterday? There’s no city that’s more excited about buying a Phillies DVD. Anyway, during the interview, Hamels was asked whether or not the Mets are “choke artists” for their last two September collapses. Hamels, of course, said “no, they’re a very good team and things just didn’t work out for them in the end. They’ll be tough to beat next year.”

Cole Hamels

Oh, he didn’t say that? Oh, wow. This is what he actually said (via SILIVE.COM):

“Last year and this year I think we did believe that [they were choke artists],” he said. “Three years ago we didn’t because they smoked everybody, and I think we all thought they were going to win it all. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. But, yeah, that’s kind of what we believed and I think we’re always going to believe that until they prove us wrong.

Ouch. Hamels also relayed this anecdote:

He also said that the rumor that the Phillies hung a photo of Jose Reyes on Shane Victorino’s locker after he celebrated a little too much after a home run in the NLDS against CC Sabathia of the Brewers is true.

“Hey Shane, this doesn’t win the game, there’s still a lot of game to play. Why are you trying to be like Jose Reyes? Even though you hit a big home run you don’t need to pimp it,” he said.

This rivalry’s never been friendlier.

Jose Reyes

(Is this excessive for celebrating a 6-4-3 in an April game against the Nats?)

In last night’s NFL game nobody saw, the Bears kept their division hopes alive by beating the Saints 27-24 in overtime. The Bears let a 21-7 lead get away in the second half. The Saints actually took a 24-21 lead late in the 4th, but the Bears got a game-tying field goal from Robbie Gould at the end of regulation, and a game-winner on the first possession of overtime. The Bears are 1/2 game behind the Vikings, and Minnesota owns the tiebreaker. But the Vikings have to play Arizona, Atlanta, and the Giants to end the season while the Bears get the Packers and Texans. New Orleans is now almost certainly out of the playoff picture with the loss.

Robbie Gould

(Gould’s neckbeard is unimpressive)

We don’t do a lot of hockey recaps here, but good lord Islanders, please stop somebody. The Isles were pounded 9-2 by Pittsburgh last night, even drawing the embarrassing “We want 10! We want 10!” chant from the Igloo crowd in the 3rd period. The Isles are now tied with Tampa Bay and Atlanta at the bottom of the league.

Speaking of the Lightning, let’s start there in the links:

• The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES has more on the continuing war of words between Barry Melrose and Lightning owner Len Barrie. Wonder how Melrose is going to act when Tampa Bay is brought up during his TV appearances on ESPN, considering he’s already said he hopes they never win another game.

Larry Brown welcomes Boris Diaw and Raja Bell aboard by informing them that the Bobcats suck (via NESW SPORTS):

• NEWSDAY says Manny Ramirez is sad because nobody wants to sign him, and is threatening to retire. Not surprisingly Manny is spending his off season “working out, watching cartoons and playing video games.” Give that man $25 million a year!

• Syracuse has hired Saints offensive coordinator Doug Marrone to be their new head coach. Marrone has never been a head coach at any level. COLLEGE FOOTBALL TALK has the details.

• THE AUBURN BEAT has the full text of Tommy Tuberville’s resignation letter. Apparently, he’s getting more than $5 million to quit his job.

• According to BUCS BEAT, Jeff Garcia’s calf injury isn’t getting any better and he might not play this Sunday. That leaves you with Luke McCown, Bucs fans.

• Chicago Bulls “Luvabull” Ashley Bond is this year’s Miss Illinois USA, taking over the title from fellow Luvabull Shannon Lersch. WITH LEATHER provides the story and the photo:


Terrell Owens is back on the crazy train again. Now, it seems as if he’s jealous of the relationship between Tony Romo and Jason Witten. FANHOUSE breaks down the insanity.

• You don’t see many NEW YORKER links on SbB, but if you have the mental capacity and about an hour and a half on your hands, read Malcolm Gladwell’s take on Chase Daniel’s chance for success at the next level. It’s just a tad deeper than what you’ll hear from Mel Kiper.

• SOX AND DAWGS has a look at the new Red Sox uniforms for 2009. They’re finally jumping on the alternate logo/alternate jersey bandwagon. Here’s the new road jersey:

Red Sox new jersey

Who ya got in the 2009 NL East?

View Results

Bobcats Owner Not Really Into Whole NBA Thing

It’s a pretty safe bet that if you make Mark Cuban look like the most refined and respected franchise owner in the room, you are probably not the shining beacon of NBA ownership.  Speaking on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street (link is to video) in an interview intended to be about the league’s 9% labor reduction, Charlotte Bobcats owner Bob Johnson set a new record for feet in his mouth.

Bob Johnson

Johnson, who made his fortune primarily as the founder of Black Entertainment Television, opened the segment by making a joke about his team not being good, which is actually true, but certainly not confidence-inspiring coming from the owner.  Later in the segment, when asked what he was doing about ticket prices in the NBA, a question Cuban answered directly, Johnson had this to say (after the jump): Read more…

Romo, Simpson Seen Selecting Engagement Rings

• Tired of waiting for a Super Bowl ring, Tony Romo might be teaming up with Jessica Simpson in acquiring some engagement jewelry.

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson

• The Red Sox seem to have a knack for smacking the Angels in October.

• A Cubs fan gets arrested for throwing a ball at Manny Ramirez. And being a Cubs fan, of course he completely misses.

• The New Jersey Nets are offering a unique “pick up now, pay later” plan for season tickets. The catch - you still have to watch the Nets.

• A daily double from Ocho Cinco: The Bengals WR plans to kiss the Cowboys’ star and wet his lips with too much booze.

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Cowboys Super Bowl Ring Now For Sale On eBay

A Super Bowl ring is the pinnacle of achievement for an NFL player. It signifies a whole season of sacrifice, toil, pain and work, resulting in being at the top of the pro football world. The average sports fan can’t even imagine how much that must be worth to a player.

Larry Brown's Super Bowl ring on eBay

Except that Deadspin has word that you can tell exactly how much it was worth to former Cowboys defensive back and Super Bowl MVP Larry Brown. He’s put his Super Bowl XXVII ring up for sale on eBay. The game was 52-17 drubbing of the Buffalo Bills (weren’t they all back then?), a.k.a. the Leon Lett Game. The highest bidder so far? Someone named “BillsQB12“.

Read more…

Brown to Lead Bobcats; Rainbow Sweater Return?

Larry Brown is apparently heading back to the NBA courtside. A “person familiar to the story” tells the ASSOCIATED PRESS that the oft-traveled coach has agreed to become the Charlotte Bobcats’ next coach.

Larry Brown

The Bobcats have scheduled a news conference for Tuesday afternoon to make what they say is a “major basketball announcement.” The job opening came about when Sam Vincent was let go on Saturday. Brown’s agent wouldn’t confirm or deny if his client was coming to Charlotte.

If he does sign a contract with Michael Jordan’s co-owned team, it will be Larry’s ninth stop as NBA head coach. But it won’t be Brown’s first pro stint down Tobacco Road. Read more…

Blog Jam: Coll. Wrestler Won’t Submit To Cancer

• The LADIES… will be our special guests this weekend with live wall-to-wall bloggage of this NFL Draft. In the meantime, they share the story of a college wrestler looking to chokeslam cancer.

Adam Frey wrestler fighting cancer

• HOME RUN DERBY would like to know what did Joba Chamberlain say to anger Erin Andrews.

• Speaking of the sideline siren, THE ANGRY T tries to decide who’s going to be the next sexy sports reporting sensation. We tend to agree with the anointing of Ines Sainz.

• YAHOO’s BALL DON’T LIE needs your help in figuring out what Celtics fans are shouting at the Hawks’ Mike Bibby.

Read more…

Allen Iverson’s “Friend” Clanks Extortion Attempt

When Allen Iverson first hit the league, the Philadelphia 76ers were deeply concerned about the bad influence AI’s old friends from Hampton and Virginia Beach, VA. Incidents that worried the 76er brain trust included a riot in a Hampton bowling alley, a marijuana possession/concealed weapon charge while in the car with a friend from Hampton, and a lousy rap album. (In that order.)

Allen Iverson golfs

(Gotta protect yourself at all times, AI)

In the end, Iverson pulled out an awfully impressive career. However, the 76ers proved yet again the sun can shine on any King every once in awhile when the “longtime friend” that was in the car for that eventful 1998 vehicle stop tried to extort Iverson earlier this year. And you thought Larry Brown was out to get you, Allen.

Read more…

Ashley Judd Gets Motors Running w/Daytona Visit

We’re always keeping an eye out for Montreal moochers pilfering purses.

Ashley Judd really knows how to rev up the engines at Daytona:

Ashley Judd Daytona dress

• Heads up, Alfred Aboya! Or should that be - “Face Up”?

• Buffalo fans have seen Richard Zednik’s terrible throat slash before - when it happened to Sabres goalie Clint Malarchuk.

Read more…

So Brown’s “Semi-Pro” Tech Advisor Gig Is Over?

The PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER’s Marc Narducci reports today that “An NBA source said yesterday that Sixers executive vice president Larry Brown has drawn interest as a candidate for the Chicago Bulls’ head coaching job.

Larry Brown ABA Basketball Card

Jim Boylan is the current coach of the Bulls, who haven’t played much better since Scott Skiles was summoned out of the Stadium on Christmas Eve. The speculation is that Brown, who hasn’t coached since he led the Knicks to a painful 23-59 finish in the 2005-06 season, doesn’t want his career to end on such a low ebb. Read more…