India’s Cricket Coach Encourages Sticky Wickets

For years the so-called experts have claimed that sex is detrimental to sports performance; many coaches even forbidding their players to partake in carnal pleasures the day before a game. But this theory doesn’t fly with Indian cricket coach Gary Kirsten. His orders to his squad for the week leading to their huge showdown with Pakistan — sex it up!

Kirsten evidently wrote a “secret memo” to his team advocating lots and lots of humpty hump to boost testosterone levels. And because every country that was once ruled by Britain has at least one tabloid-style gossip newspaper, this memo leaked and is now in the public domain. And it includes a pretty amusing portion about what to do if no partner is available.

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Frank Might Have Caught Knight Tirade On Tape

Add our name to interested parties for the soon-to-be vacancy down in Bloomington.

Nets coach Lawrence Frank may have been the one who caught Bobby Knight’s ‘91 locker room tirade on tape.

Bob Knight Lawrence Frank yelling

Hey, baseball fans: Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em! (You, too, NFL fans!)

The Baby Boss bawls over baseball being “singled out” over steroids use.

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Lara Bingle Topless Photos Causing Crash Again?

The SYDNEY MORNING HERALD claims that topless photos of Lara Bingle, Aussie model and companion to cricketer Michael Clarke, have appeared again on a German magazine’s website.

Lara Bingle

In March 2007, GQ’s German edition showed shots of Bingle in her birthday suit (possibly NSFW). The nudie pics caused quite a stir, as Lara was known for her brief bikini appearances in cricket ads - and for having an affair with married Australian football player Brendan Fevola.

The commotion was also felt by GQ’s website, as the torrents of traffic caused the mag’s Internet servers to crash.

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