Q: Who Are Al Davis And Lane Kiffin? A: Same Guy

Here’s what we know: Al Davis is a powermongering bad guy.

Al Davis Ghostrider

(And to think I never thought we’d see a sequel)

Here’s what you may not know: Lane Kiffin is apparently a powermongering bad guy too.

Davis’ unrelenting demand for unjustifiable blind loyalty has been well-documented over the years. Meanwhile, Kiffin’s personality has been portrayed very differently than that by the main media, because (apparently) he’s done such a great job in personal perception manipulation.

But if you were reading SbB when Kiffin was hired by the Raiders in 2007, you know that he is every bit the bad guy Davis is. Former USC football captain Petros Papadakis, now a sports radio guy for KLAC-AM and college football analyst for FSN, is as close as anyone to the Trojan program. Here’s what he said about the former assistant coach at USC when Kiffin was hired by Davis:

Hiring Lane Kiffin is not fair to the players and fans of the Oakland Raiders. It’s a desperate hire by a desperate man, Al Davis. Comparing Kiffin to John Gruden is ridiculous, Gruden had eight years of legitimate coaching experience in the NFL, and had been interviewing for head coaching jobs in the league when he was hired by the Raiders.

What’s his (Kiffin’s) most significant NFL experience to draw from? One year of a defensive gofership seven years ago with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

I know him personally and he doesn’t command a lot of respect from the players or other coaches. I never looked at him as head coach material or even offensive coordinator material. He couldn’t even manage players at USC, how can he manage players in NFL? Read more…

ESPN: Davis Stiffs Kiffin, Won’t Honor His Contract

Al Davis didn’t even wait for the blood to dry on Lane Kiffin’s chair before finding someone to replace him. NFL.COM’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the Raiders will name offensive line coach Tom Cable as their new head coach at a press conference later this afternoon. As for Kiffin? Chris Mortensen is reporting on ESPN.COM that he was fired over the phone - and without pay.  In fact, Mortensen said that the Raiders don’t intend to honor Kiffin’s contract, which he said “happens occasionally. It happens mostly with Al Davis.”

New Raiders coach Tom Cable

(New Raiders Coach Tom Cable also familiar with stiffing players - @ UCLA)

Cable was one of several candidates THE SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS reports interviewed for the job last night, including offensive coordinator Greg Knapp and Raiders special consultant Paul Hackett. The fact that Davis interviewed Hackett, who singlehandedly almost destroyed USC, tells you all you need to know about the direction the Raiders are heading.

Read more…

Jay Glazer Report: Kiffin Will Be Fired On Monday

Jay Glazer reports on Fox Sports Radio late Sunday night that Lane Kiffin’s coaching career is about to take off, as he will be fired by Al Davis on Monday.

Al Davis and his walker

Glazer to FSR’s John Fricke and Chris Landry: “Al has told his cronies he will fire Lane Kiffin as early as tomorrow. … He couldn’t do it off a win, (so he’s) looking to do it after a loss. … As of right now, it’s done.

Now the question is, who will be next to walk the Raiders’ (rotted out) plank? Read more…