NFL Wives Start Biz To Stop Ballers From Cheating

The media, main and otherwise, has been going to the Tiger Woods well for probably a week too long, with the story essentially having run dry. But that hasn’t stopped the launch of a company - inspired by the scandal - that is nearly bizarre as Woods’ alleged behavior.

Fred Robbins and Tia Robbins

(Fred Robbins wife’s biz: Feelin’ you on this one big bruh)

CNBC’s Darren Rovell reports on the startup, called Off The Market: “The brainchild of some of the love partners of NFL players. The idea? To help strengthen the relationships between pro athletes and their significant others.

No need to read that again, someone really has the bright idea of trying to make money by helping pro athletes stay faithful to their wives. So long as fees aren’t performance-based, with the money floating around out there in major league sports, the idea is so crazy that it just might work.

Three NFL wives are behind the biz plan, which apparently involves, “signing sponsors that will have access to the power players at the (company-sponsored) parties and through the Web site’s e-commerce page.


What I would’ve given to have been there when the three ladies told their major league athlete men of their new business venture. (Which probably came after the guys got done walking the poodle.) Read more…