Ochocinco Does Lambeau Leap, Fans Unamused

Earlier this week, Cincinnati WR Chad Ochocinco promised to perform the famous Lambeau Leap if he scored a touchdown against the Packers. The game’s at Green Bay, so you can only imagine how thrilled the fans would be if the Ocho came flying into their front row seats and looking for a hug.

Chad Ochocinco Lambeau Leap

(Hey, he found some Bengals fans! Wait, how did they get those seats?)

Well, the touchdown did indeed happen in the third quarter today. It was to give the Bengals the lead, as a matter of fact, something the Packer faithful probably didn’t expect at this point in the game. All of which is to say that if you taunt some extra salty Green Bay fans like that, don’t be surprised when you get a fat middle finger waved at you on national television.

Picture & video, for Puritans’ sake, is below the fold.

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Ochocinco Will Do Lambeau Leap Against Packers

Chad Ochocinco: Delusional, with a side of megalomania? Sure. But he’s also entertaining. And you should probably get to know him this week, because after Sunday he may not be around.

Chad Ochocinco

In a conference call with reporters who cover the Packers this morning, our protagonist said that he is planning on doing the Lambeau Leap if he scores a touchdown at Green Bay. Won’t that like, hurt, due to all the punching and being pummeled with beer bottles and wedges of Styrofoam cheese? No, says Ocho. Read more…

Manhunt On For Lambeau Creep Who Grabbed Ruvell Martins Junk

LAMBEAU CREEP - MANHUNT FOR INFAMOUS PACKER PERV: There’s a desperate manhunt going on in Wisconsin. John Jagler of Milwaukee’s WTMJ-AM is searching for the man “who grabbed Packers Wide Receiver Ruvell Martin’s junk at Sunday’s game against the Vikings“:

Ruvell Martin Crotch Grabbed By Fan

Packers receiver Donald Driver told Jagler Tuesday night that “what happened to Ruvell ‘just ain’t right’ and says it’s the talk of the lockerroom.

Ruvell Martin Crotch Grabbed By Fan

The season ticket holder is probably from Milwaukee, so the first person who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of the penis poacher will be rewarded with two tickets to a Milwaukee Bucks game. The second person? Four tickets to a Bucks game.